Entrance Exam Preparation: Is Coaching Necessary for Entrance Exam Like JEE/ NEET!

Entrance Exam Preparation

As the JEE or NEET aspirants begin their entrance exam preparation the first skepticism they are faced with is whether to opt for coaching institutes for the preparation or self-studying is the best to win this long race. The dilemma to choose any one option is like a chicken and an egg situation.

Is coaching necessary? Will I be able to crack the exam without coaching? Can I do my JEE/NEET entrance exam preparation at home by self-studying? If your mind too is occupied with such questions, then one way to answer these is by evaluating yourself.

Factors Considered For Entrance Exam Preparation

Whether you require coaching or not depends on a number of factors. We can come to a conclusion once we have analyzed these factors.

So let’s find out why would you require coaching for entrance exam preparation like JEE or NEET:

1. Weak concepts are the first reason why

The first and major requirement of the JEE or NEET exams is a clear understanding of the concepts. Be it basic or advanced level concepts, the JEE or NEET preparation demand a stronghold of the concepts. A clear understanding of every topic is essential because these concepts are often co-related. When you are weak at a single topic you might find it a bit difficult to grasp the other.

And when you are faced with this problem it’s time to join the right institute. And when it comes to the right institute there is no other better than ETOOS India. With a pool of brilliant faculties, not only your doubts will be worked upon but you will be prepared right from the scratch. So that you can move from basics to advanced with no difficulty.

2. Self-preparation is not being effective enough

The entrance exam like JEE or NEET preparation requires a lot of hours of sitting and practicing. That is exactly what you are doing right? But hardly do you see any improvements in your efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. You begin to feel all your efforts are going in vain. The truth is that you are unable to pinpoint where you are making a mistake and when this happens you keep repeating the same mistake and thus see no positive results.

So, now is the time to start pointing out the issues. Opting for a coaching institute will be the right decision made at this point. Teachers in institutes will help you analyze your weak points and mistakes and will help you learn from them. And for this purpose, we here at ETOOS India provide aspiring students with the ETOOS test series that will not only help you help your self-analysis but will also boost your confidence.

3. You hunt for study material online

If you find yourself searching for free study material for the JEE or NEET entrance exam preparation then you are quite aware of the fact that you need help. At this point, registering for a coaching institute cannot go wrong. Coaching institutes will provide you with everything under a single roof.

Be it clearing of basics, doubt solving, practicing previous year’s question papers, taking mock test series, etc. Nothing can take the place of direct interaction with the teachers, and hence it is important to go to coaching institutes.

4. Pile of topics that you found hard to understand

Skipping a topic for later or not studying it at all because you find it difficult can lead to a backlog of several topics. As mentioned topics are interrelated and skipping any one topic can hamper your further preparation. That is when the coaching institutes come to the rescue. Can’t make promises on behalf of other institutes but here at ETOOS India, we provide topic-based courses where the aim is to dig those topics deeper that are not only important but are also hard to grasp. Through our drill course now those arduous topics won’t be so hard anymore.

5. Preparation lacks management

The JEE or NEET preparation is not just about understanding and problem-solving. There are other factors that you need to be covered as well like peed, calculation tricks, a problem-solving method, elimination technique, accuracy, etc. All this is quite unachievable with self-studies but when you are attending an institute your teachers will make sure of your every aspect of problem-solving and thus will make certain if you are following the right steps.

So, if you are facing any of the given problems then you know the solution. Make the right choice to for these entrance exam preparation and to crack these entrance exam with flying colors.


Are previous questions repeated in the entrance exam like NEET?

Yes, the questions are repeated in the entrance exam like NEET and this is why the candidates are advised to go through the previous year’s question papers.

Is it necessary to take mock test series for the NEET/JEE exam?

Yes, it is important to take mock test series. Because mock test series are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that gives you an idea of the type of questions that come in the exam.

What should be the daily routine to get a good rank in NEET 2023?

To ace, the NEET exam with a good score the aspirants must follow a rigid timetable that will guide the students throughout their preparation. The students should follow a proper daily routine that should include substantial hours of study, revision, practicing, problem-solving, and taking mock-test.

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