Etoosindia Shuns the Need to Relocate for NEET Preparation

NEET Preparation.I always wanted my son to become a doctor. However, I somehow knew that my dream shall only remain a dream. This is because entering a good medical institute required cracking the medical entrance exam that in turn required at least two years of rigorous training. And the small town in Uttar Pradesh where we reside does not encompass any NEET coaching institute.

The option of dropping a year after 12th standard often came to my mind but I was quite sceptic about it. My son had always been good in science and I often felt that if we had been living in a big city, it would have been so much better for his career. This disheartened me all the more. But as it is said, “When you really want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. While surfing through the internet one day, I came across this institute named, Etoosindia. The institute offers online coaching for NEET Preparation. As I read further about the institute, I learned about its faculty members and success rate. It was like dream come true for me. I spoke about the same to my son and he also loved the idea of Enrolling at the institute for NEET Preparation.

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He is in his 11th standard currently and I have enrolled him for Etoosindia’s yearlong course. His preparations for NEET are running in full swing and I am sure he will be able to make it to a good medical institute.

Etoosindia is known for nurturing the dreams of numerous medical aspirants. It has a team of expert faculty members who have in-depth knowledge about their respective subject. Each and every concept in their video lectures has been explained in detail and in language that is easy to comprehend.

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