An Exclusive NEET Batch 2023 To Give A Boost To Your Preparations

NEET Batch 2023

ETOOS India has got a piece of exciting news for all the aspirants targeting NEET 2023. We know that the key to scoring high in this back-breaking exam lies in developing a solid grip on the important topics. But to be smooth in such topics you need assistance from the best of the courses that will help you with the same.

Therefore to help you advance in the key concepts of the NEET 2023 exam ETOOS India brings you the NEET batch 2023. A course that will focus precisely on the key topics so that you can score more with ease. 

Who is eligible for the NEET batch 2023?

Now the question comes who all are eligible for ETOOS India’s exclusive Supreme Batch? Well if you want to access this brilliant course then anyone who clears the entry test for this batch with a 550+ score can lay their hands on the same. 

Now scoring 650+ in the NEET won’t be so difficult. Boost up your preparation for the exam with NEET batch 2023 with the guidance of the most expert faculty of Kota and register for the NEET batch for FREE.

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The key benefits of NEET batch 2023

  • To make the concepts crystal clear this batch provides video lectures delivered by the expert faculty of Kota to make your preparation easy.
  • Targets on Making a strong grip on all the important chapters of the NEET syllabus.
  • With this batch, you can assess yourself with the help of tests that will be conducted every 15 days to evaluate the performance of the students. 
  • Raise any query in the Live doubt class and solve them with the help of expert guidance.

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The Registration process

  • There is NO registration fee for the test 
  • The test will be conducted on 4th December
  • The test will be scheduled from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Students can take the test either online or offline mode
  • The centers for offline tests are Kota, Nanded, Sikar, and Varanasi

Hurry Up!!! Limited seats only

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