5 Things to Know Before Choosing Engineering

5 Things to Know Before Choosing Engineering.

Choosing Engineering: Engineering is one of the most sought-after career choices in India. Each year numerous engineering aspirants study rigorously to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination which is their ticket to the best engineering colleges in the country. The examination is tough and thus Students begin with JEE preparation two-three years prior to the exam. Some even drop a year or two in between to give this exam and pursue engineering from a good college. But is all this effort worth it? Here are five things you must know before choosing to study engineering:

5 Things to Know Before Choosing Engineering

Know the Interest

Engineering no doubt is a respected field. There are few things to consider before choosing Engineering. However, this must not be the only reason why you should go for it. You must do thorough research to understand if the field really interests you. For this, you may get in touch with your seniors who are in the same field and find out about the subjects you shall be required to study under the engineering field you are planning to take up. Also, understand the kind of work you shall be required to handle once you acquire the degree. Go for it only if it interests you and not because everyone else is going for it.

No End to Hard Work:

Getting admission in the esteemed IITs and other prestigious engineering colleges requires a good amount of hard work. Students require studying day in and day out to crack JEE which gives way to admission in these colleges. However, if you think life would be easy once you get admission in a good engineering college then you are mistaken. You will have to work equally hard during your engineering semesters to get through with good marks. You will have to toil harder to get a good job as the competition is high. After securing a good job you will have to work hard to grow in the field. So, there is no end to hard work.

Truth About Campus Placements

You may be given the picture that once you get admission in a good engineering college you just have to work upon getting good grades and you shall be picked from the campus for a lucrative job. But this is not the truth. The organizations that come for campus placements do not just look at the candidate’s scorecard. Interviews conducted here are like any other job interview wherein the candidates are assessed thoroughly before giving a job. Even top engineering colleges do not guarantee 100% placement.

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Scope of Engineering:

Do market research to understand the scope of engineering. You must particularly study the engineering field you are planning to take up. Do not just research the current market status but also future prospects. There may be certain fields wherein the number of job seekers may be more than the number of jobs. There may also be certain fields that may not hold much scope in the coming years. Do not go for such engineering fields. Go for those that are booming and have brighter future prospects.

Job Stability

The field of engineering is as volatile as any other field. What you study in the engineering college may not exactly be at par with the knowledge you require to handle the tasks assigned to you as you take up an engineering role in a good organization. You shall be required to innovate and keep abreast with the changing technology in order to keep your job secure. Just having an engineering degree does not guarantee job security.

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