How to Prepare for IIT JEE Chemistry?

Prepare for JEE Chemistry.

To pursue a dream and turn it to reality isn’t easy. There are many students who aspire to get admitted to the IIT colleges. IIT isn’t an easy exam but surely not the most difficult thing you have ever come across. The IIT paper is centered on three topics namely physics, chemistry and math. Physics and math are difficult as compared to jee chemistry. If you give your 100% to chemistry then you will surely beg all the marks of this section. Chemistry is put under three different parts i.e. physical, organic and inorganic. And these three sections cover different topics. Now the question arises on how you can prepare chemistry to get set % marks. 

Watch: Chemical Bonding for JEE Chemistry

Picking up the best books

A good book is something that can help you in all ways. If you want to beg good marks in chemistry then you need to have the best study material with you. Don’t purchase any book randomly, as you will surely regret wasting both your time as well as money. You can consider ETOOSINDIA study material to prepare for jee chemistry. 

Knowing about the important topics 

Focus on covering all the important topics of physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. You need to learn which topics are more important. The important topics contain more weightage hence you need to work hard on them.

Learning the exam pattern 

Before you appear for the paper you need to know about the exam pattern as well as the question matter. In order to know the question pattern, you can take the help of mock test series, sample question paper, previous year question paper. You can get all this on the ETOOSINDIA website.

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