How to Study 10 Hours a Day?

If you think you do not have enough time to prepare for your term exams and competitive examinations such as JEE or NEET simultaneously then it is time to re-think. The key is to manage your time efficiently. If you are seriously willing, you can study for as many as 10 hours a day without losing interest and enthusiasm. Here is how to study dedicatedly for 10 hours a day:

Schedule Your Time
It is very essential to schedule your time properly. Know your syllabus right and prepare your schedule accordingly so as to cover it on time. When you have a schedule handy you know just what you are required to do. So the time spent in planning your next move is saved.

Stick to Your Plan
Don’t just prepare a schedule; stick to it religiously. As soon as you wake up, have a look at all that needs to be covered during the day and begin accordingly. Review your plan at the end of each day just to ensure that you have covered all that you were supposed to.

Identify Your Time of Study
Some of you may concentrate better during the early morning hours while others might be able to study more efficiently during the afternoon or late evening hours. Just identify the time you can concentrate best and dedicate that time for mugging up your lessons so as to grasp more in lesser time. You can set aside some other time for your written assignments. It is also suggested to squeeze in some time to take mock tests such as the ones available on

Use Different Ways of Studying
Do not keep reading from your books every time you sit to study. Watch online lectures, listen to audio clips of your lectures, write down as you read your text or go for group studies. This variation will keep your interest alive and also help you grasp better.

Take Short Breaks
Studying at a stretch mars your power to concentrate. It is thus advised to take short breaks in between to relax your mind as well as body. Meditate for sometime or do something that rejuvenates you instantly. This results in increased productivity.

Eat Right
Do not underestimate the power of eating healthy food. A well-balanced diet can keep your energy levels high all through the day and boost your power to concentrate. Junk food on the other hand can make you feel lethargic and hamper your studies.

Sleep Well
This is one aspect that should not be ignored. Sleep for at least 8 hours every night to ensure that you get proper rest. Also try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. What you should avoid is setting the routine of sleeping at the time your exam is scheduled.

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