How to Study Smart not Hard?

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The competition has grown quite tough these days. Whether you are appearing for your usual CBSE exams, board exams or competitive exams, it is essential to prepare thoroughly to secure good marks. In today’s times merely working hard does not help. You may rather end up feeling tired and exhausted if you push yourself to the limit. They key is to play smart. Here are a few techniques to study smart:

  1. Go by a Schedule

Working hard on crunching topics is of no use if you don’t know which way you are going. It is essential to follow a systematic approach and the best way to do so is by preparing a schedule. Gather your syllabus and prepare a schedule. It is a good idea to prepare a roughly annual schedule to understand how to distribute your syllabus over the year. You must then prepare a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week and stick to it.

  1. Learn the Same Topics in Different Ways

Reading the same topic over and over again certainly helps you retain it well. However, in order to memorise it better, it is suggested to learn it in different ways. You must not just read it every time you sit to revise it. Try to write it a couple of times and view its video lecture at other times to learn it more thoroughly.

  1. Study at the Time You can Concentrate Best

You must identify that time of the day when you can concentrate best and study uninterruptedly. Indulge in learning tasks during that time every day. This is a great way to increase productivity. You can prepare assignments and do your homework at other times.

  1. Prepare Notes

Keep preparing notes for each topic you study. This is because it is not possible to refer to multiple books each time you study a chapter. It is also suggested to keep shortening the notes each time you read them in order to highlight the main points. This will smoothen the revision process at the end.

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  1. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a sure shot way to damage your mind and productivity. If you indulge in multitasking then stop it immediately. Concentrate on one task at a time rather than trying to complete a couple of them simultaneously. Finish a task and then move on to the next for best results.

  1. Take a Break to Relax

Don’t sit and study continuously for hours. Researchers claim that we can only concentrate for around 50 minutes at a time. Post this, our brain begins to feel tired and the level of concentration drops. Studies recommend following the 50-10 formula. This includes studying for 50 minutes and then taking a break for 10 minutes. However, this may not work for every student as the calibre of every person varies. You must anyway take short breaks after at least 2-3 hours to refresh your mind and increase productivity.

  1. Go for Group Studies

It is essential to take out time for self-study each day. But you must also indulge in group studies every once in a while. Going for group studies helps test your knowledge. Besides, you may learn some important information that you might have missed otherwise.

  1. Give Mock Tests

Give as many mock tests as you can to test your knowledge and build speed and accuracy. Mock tests also help you understand the examination pattern.

Try these techniques and do tell us how they helped. Also, share with us the techniques you use to study smart!

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