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IIT JEE Preparation Tips.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) MAIN will be conducted by the NTA (https://nta.ac.in/). The exam dates for Joint Entrance Exam are announced, students should follow the below mentioned iit jee preparation tips by toppers to secure their seat in top IITs and NITs.

Students not only have to appear for their XII board exams but also for JEE Mains which is to be conducted twice from next year. Therefore, if you have been wondering on how to do IIT preparation? then this article will shed some light on it.

Students once clear JEE Mains will later have to appear for JEE Advanced 2022 which is no cakewalk to crack. But don’t worry! By following the below mentioned iit jee exam preparation tips by toppers you will surely crack this exam will good rank.

How to Prepare for IIT JEE 2022: Preparation Tips by toppers

What Toppers do Differently in IIT-JEE Preparation? How to Prepare for JEE Main and Advanced and Score High marks, Here read the jee preparation tips by toppers. Candidate Follow this IIT JEE Preparation tips by toppers & boost their Exam Preparation.

iit jee preparation tips by toppers.

Prepare a study plan 

By this we mean you need to create a specific schedule which has the number of hours you need to devote to all subjects to cover the maximum syllabus in time. The syllabus is quite vast and it will not be completed unless you prepare a time-table. You may refer to JEE Main & Advanced 2022 study plan for details.

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Build your Concepts 

It is important to master the basics of all the subjects, so ensure that your fundamentals are clear. Questions in JEE Main and Advanced come from Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Now because the paper is analytical testing your concepts, students need to make sure they focus on conceptual building. This is one of the crucial points to be kept in mind while doing IIT JEE Main and Advanced Preparation.

Practice will make you perfect 

Do not give up until you succeed. Practice is the key. It will help increase not only your speed but accuracy too. So, just keep practicing different type of questions to know the right strategy to solve them. Remember, solving questions is not important but solving them in less time with precision is what students should be focusing on. Candidate can check the jee mains 2022 question paper pdf download.

Test your knowledge 

How will you know if you’re ready for the exam? By giving mock tests. If you are put into a similar exam situation then you will for sure develop a temperament to face the main day exam. Our recommendation: Once done with the JEE Exam Preparation, go for jee main online mock test.

Say goodbye to Social Media

If you are really serious about cracking the IIT JEE 2021 then try staying away from social media distractions such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. They will do no good to your IIT JEE Preparation rather than just wasting your valuable time.

Revision? Yes, please!

Learning and revision is a parallel process. They both should work simultaneously for an effective output. Revision is mandatory as preparing for exams is a continuous process and to recall what you have studied it’s important to revise. Find the best last minute revision tips for jee mains.

Health is Wealth

Healthy mind and a healthy body will give you excellent results. We ain’t joking! To clear this nationwide exam, it is important to prepare with a relaxed and calm mind.

Best Reference Books for IIT JEE Recommended by Toppers

If you’ve got the right study material for IIT JEE preparation then your 50% of the task is sorted. A large number of reference books and study material will only confuse you. So to start with, you have to focus on completing your ncert book for Jee main Preparation. Why? They are preferably the best books for jee that complete the entire JEE Main & Advanced Syllabus. Designed by experts they will help you lay a foundation for the analytical paper.

If you still feel the requirement of buying some reference books, then you can go for jee preparation books for subject Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. These books which are designed by subject experts are a result of extensive research on various competitive exams.

IIT-JEE guide books.

Depending on the individual’s requirements, a student can opt for either offline or online coaching. What needs to be made sure is choosing the right coaching institute which has well qualified and experienced teachers offering the courses at a nominal price.

How to start JEE preparation? At EtoosIndia, our top-rated faculties from Kota through online video lectures will prove to be quite productive & effectual for your IIT JEE preparation online. Moreover, the courses are kept at a nominal fee so that it is affordable by one & all. So, quit the old ways & begin with your JEE exam preparation.


There is no short cut to success. So, to yield the positive results you will have to work hard with motivation & dedication. JEE Exam Preparation if done in the right manner can work wonders and is bound to give you top AIR!

Hope the above JEE preparation tips help you inch closer toward your dreams! All the best!

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