IIT-KGP to teach science behind happiness

IIT Kharagpur is planning to come up with a new course that would teach the science behind happiness to its students. This innovative course is being introduced to build a happy eco-system. The course, that will be included from this autumn semester, is being started in collaboration with the Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness. The idea of setting up this center is that of IIT-KGP alumnus Satinder Singh Rekhi.

“The upcoming centre is a unique initiative that would conduct research and teach practical ideas based on the science of happiness and positive psychology and help develop an eco-system of happy and successful KGPians”, said Rekhi.

Rekhi will not only offer financial support to the center but will also form a part of its programme management as its honorary chairman. This center is being set up with the aim of spreading happiness in the lives of students and would thereby help in creating positivity in the society.

The course being talked about here will give a deep insight about the various aspects of happiness. Outsiders will also have the option of studying these courses by enrolling in special certificate courses.

The first international workshop on science of happiness has been lined up for next month. It will be held by the centre in Kolkatta and Kharagpur and is expected to be attended by well known academicians, corporate leaders and working professionals.

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