Importance of Mental Health During the JEE or NEET Exam

importance of mental health

Importance Of Mental Health: If you go ask a bunch of students about which is the hardest-to-clear exam conducted in the country then you will only get two answers. The majority of students will respond either JEE or NEET. These two are no doubt a bit hard going. Students looking forward to becoming top doctors or Engineers put in immense hard work and years of dedication to get admission to the top colleges. 

With so many years of hard work, the students compromise their sleep, fun outings, social gathering, games, etc to stay focused in the direction of their preparation. 

The aspiring students without even realizing the importance of mental health, they place their mental health at stake in the hope to breeze through these challenging exams. But if you look into it properly you can win this crowded race without having to compromise your mental health.

What is the importance of mental health?

To ace the JEE or NEET exam you need to study with a relaxed mind. A mind that is surrounded by confusion, stress, fear, and anxiety cannot focus well. And the focus is a paramount factor in the JEE or NEET exam preparation

Tips to relieve stress and maintain mental health

Here are some of the points that will help you relieve stress and maintain your mental health:

1. Involve in yoga and other physical activities

Being roped the whole day during your exam preparation can make you forget a lot from your daily routine. But bending in your books the whole day can make you lose your sanity. It is important to take out some time for yourself and focus on your mental health. Hence, it is important to indulge in Yoga and other physical activities to keep stress out of your mind. 

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2. Small breaks are a must

The preparation for JEE or NEET exam demands studying for long hours. Studying for longer durations can make you feel drained. Studying with an exhausted mind will yield no productivity. Therefore it is suggested to take small breaks while studying in a stretch. Study for 45 minutes then take a 15 minutes break. This will help your mind retain activeness and yield better output. 

3. A healthy mind and healthy body

A healthy mind and healthy body are two essentials of the JEE or NEET exam. Instead of being an all-nighter indulge in the habit of waking early in the morning, following your daily study plan, and sleeping on time at night. Taking the required amount of sleep keeps your mind active and thus helps you study with even better focus.

4. Mock tests will give you confidence

To keep up your mental health, you need to keep stress away to be top-notch in your preparation. Excellent preparation makes you confident as you are not surrounded by the thought of failing. To keep your preparation high, take the mock test series on a regular basis. It will help you with time management and improvise your problem-solving skills. 

5. Push the negativity away

While on your preparation journey you will meet several people who will try to put you down which can add to your stress. Instead of focusing on such people, divert your mind to bettering your skills and preparation. 

There will be days when you will feel low on yourself, do not keep your emotions bottled up instead talk them out with your parents, friends, or anyone you feel better with. 

To ace exams, like JEE and NEET, the importance of mental health is very crucial. Your mental health is a deciding factor in the score you will secure. 

With the help of the above tips, you can work towards the importance of mental health and bring stress down. 


What are the most important subjects for an MBBS entrance exam (AIPMT)?

The NEET exam replaced the AIPMT exam in the year 2017. The most important subjects of the MBBS entrance exam, NEET, are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

What are some tips for NEET 2024?

The given tips will help you prepare for the NEET 2024:

  • Get familiar with the syllabus
  • Prepare a proper study plan
  • Stay regular on revisions
  • Prepare notes

Is NCERT enough for the NEET examination?

No, NCERT books are not enough, to breeze through the exam you need to take the help of the resource books for excelling in the advanced concepts.

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