Is DLP Sufficient for IIT JEE / Medical preparation?

One question that often perplexes students preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE and medical is that whether it is sufficient to go for DLP (Distance Learning Program of any coaching) or should they opt for a proper coaching. Read through to know what exactly to expect from DLP and what will suit you best.

In DLP you get a ready reckoner that covers the entire syllabus topic-wise. The content is often written in a language that is easy to comprehend. The information is divided systematically so that you can go through it easily and understand it without any guidance. However, what most of these often lack are the doubt removal sessions, mock test series and performance analysis. Another drawback of opting for this all new method of studying is that it does not offer a regular classroom experience and you do not have teachers to push you hence most students are likely not to follow a steady approach to preparation. Having a mentor is always good as he/ she will point out at the areas you lack in and would also help you improve on them.

However, having said that, DLP is not a bad option for all those of you who are self-starters and do not require a push to stay motivated. In addition to this, you must also be the sorts who can focus on the theory, understand it on your own and clear the doubts, if any, by referring to the guidebooks, information available online or seeking help from friends.

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