5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for JEE Advanced 2019

JEE Advanced 2019

JEE Advanced 2019 is just about a month away. This is a very crucial time for all you aspiring engineers. You must make the most of your time to prepare efficiently for this tough entrance exam. While you prepare for JEE Advanced 2019.

Mistakes to avoid during JEE Advanced 2019:

here are some common mistakes to avoid during jee entrance exam preparation:

1. Sticking to Single Technique of Learning

Some students find it easier to grasp their lessons by reading the text aloud while some find it easier to learn by writing it simultaneously. Yet others use other techniques such as audio clips, flash cards, etc to grasp their lessons. However, it is suggested not to stick to a single technique of learning. The technique you find most effective ca, of course,e be used more often but you must also inculcate other techniques of learning as you prepare for IIT JEE preparation for better preparation.


2. Beginning with the Preparation too Late

Some students keep waiting for their JEE Main result before they get serious about their JEE Advanced 2019 preparation. They begin IIT Advanced preparation with dedication only when it is confirmed that they have cleared JEE Main. This wastes a lot of precious time and is thus a wrong approach. By the time the JEE Main 2019 result shall be declared you will not be left with much time to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019. It is thus suggested to get serious about iit jee advanced 2019 preparation right away.

3. Discussing Too Much

Many students keep discussing the upcoming exam so much that they end up fretting about it rather than gaining anything from the discussion. It is suggested to speak to your seniors who have already appeared for the exam to get some useful tips from them. However, discussing too much about the same with your seniors or peers shall only waste your time and lead to stress and anxiety.

4. Not Testing Knowledge

It is essential to keep testing your knowledge regularly in order to understand as to how much you have learned and what is it that you require working on. Many students make the mistake of merely mugging up their lessons and do not try to find out how much they have really learned. It is important to give mock tests and solve previous years’ JEE Advanced 2019 papers regularly to test your knowledge.

5. Not Analyzing Performance

Now, many students give jee mock tests and solve sample papers however they do not analyse their performance. There is no use solving sample papers if you do not check them or analyse your performance. It is suggested to evaluate your performance to identify your weak areas and then work on the same to brush them up. Clear all your doubts related to such topics to prepare better.

JEE Advance 2019 has been scheduled for 19th May 2019. We shall keep you updated with all the latest updates on the exam!

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