JEE Advanced 2022: 5 Best and Easy Tips to Crack JEE

5 Best and Easy Tips to Crack JEE Advanced 2022

JEE Advanced 2022 is one of the highest competitive exams that require hard work and smart work. Gone are the days when long hours of study were the only requirement for the exam. To pass JEE Advanced 2022 Paper with flying colors it is important to adopt smarter ways of clearing the paper. 

Preparing smart strategies is one of the important things you need to follow to be able to secure a seat in the top engineering colleges

Having knowledge of all the subjects is necessary but what is more important is to have more knowledge than the others competitors. 

But how are you gonna do that? So, here are some of the most reliable tips to help you with your JEE exam.

5 Best Tips to Crack JEE Advanced 2022:

Smart plan, smarter you

One of the most reliable tips for your JEE preparation is the formation of a smart plan. A smart plan is a sure way toward success. Prioritize all the important topics while forming this plan. Make sure that you stay rigid with this routine and do not skip a part of it. Forming a plan will help you complete your syllabus on time. 

Get acquainted with the syllabus

The best JEE preparation tip is getting acquainted with the syllabus. It helps you get familiar with the topics, exam pattern, marking scheme, and other necessary details that are required for JEE exam. A clear understanding of the syllabus is necessary so that you do not miss any topic during the time of the exam. 

Focus on your basics

If you are preparing for JEE advance then it is important to have a strong command of your basics. Strong basics lay the foundation for higher-level questions. Before starting to dig into higher-level questions you should be confident about your basics.

Time management

You should understand how to effectively manage your time for your JEE preparation. Analyze what area requires more time and then accordingly prepare for your exam. Effective time management helps you focus more and improves your productivity and efficiency.

Make NCERTs your friends

To move to the higher levels it is important to have a strong hold on your basics and for that, you need to start with your NCERT textbooks. NCERT textbooks are not enough but these books are important for building a solid foundation of your basics. Once you are confident with your basics you can move to advance level books. 

So these were the tips that will help with how to prepare for JEE. 


What is effective time management?

Effective time management is done in order to complete your task effectively in time in a productive manner.

What are some tips for JEE Advanced?

Following are some of the tips for JEE advanced:

  1. Prepare a timetable
  2. Get familiar with the JEE syllabus
  3. Focus on important topics
  4. Clear your doubts
  5. Practice previous year’s question papers
  6. Take JEE mock test series
  7. Stay positive and meditate
  8. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Is it possible to score full in JEE Advanced?

Yes if you focus on your studies and work hard then there is no stopping you from scoring high on JEE exam

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