Effective Strategies to Get Assured Success in JEE Advanced

JEE AdvancedJEE Advanced is known to test the knowledge of the students to the core. The syllabus is vast and you need to be thoroughly prepared with it in order to get through the exam. While there is no short-cut to hard work inculcating the below mentioned techniques shall help you prepare well for JEE Advanced:

Start Early

Many students make the mistake of starting with their JEE Advanced preparation after the JEE Main result is out. This is wrong as it will leave you with very little preparation time. As you know the syllabus to be covered is vast, you must ensure that you do not take a break after appearing for the JEE Main exam. Start with the topics that are a part of the JEE Advanced course but were not included in the JEE Main syllabus and simultaneously cover the common topics.

Revise Regularly

There are several common topics in JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabus, keep revising them as you begin with the new topics. Revision is of utmost importance. It helps in retaining the information well. It is suggested to revise your chapters from your hand written notes.

Seek Online Coaching

It is difficult to seek Coaching for CBSE exams, JEE Main and JEE Advanced all at the same time. The foremost priority of the students is the preparation of CBSE exams and hence they seek professional coaching for the same. Most of them also seek professional guidance for JEE Main simultaneously. However, JEE Advanced coaching is something that most students avoid as there is almost no time to adjust the classes. Those who seek coaching for all three exams find it hard to take out time for self study which is equally important.

The best way to strike a balance here is to seek online coaching. This will help you manage time efficiently. You can choose to seek online coaching for JEE Advanced or for both JEE Main and Advanced.

Give Mock Tests

You are only half prepared if you only learn your chapters and never put your knowledge to test during the preparation process. In order to prepare thoroughly for the examination you must give mock tests and solve as many sample papers as you can. This will help you understand where you are lacking so you can brush up on the same.

In addition to this, make sure you eat healthy and take adequate sleep each day to stay healthy and focus better.

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