JEE Droppers: Drop for it! Is it worth to take a gap of 1 year?

JEE Droppers

JEE Droppers: A lot of students opt to drop for jee preparation every year, this is mainly because they were not able to secure a good rank in the first attempt to get admission to the top IITs or NITs, or sometimes some students cannot manage their 12th boards and JEE preparation together which affects their JEE grades. In all these cases the aspiring candidates appear for a drop year to give their dreams another chance.

Often a drop year is accredited as a waste of time lowering the confidence of the candidates.

Is it worth to take a drop for jee preparation?

Talking about is taking drop a good decision for JEE then I would say that it is totally worth it. With class 12th going on, many students find it difficult to focus on their JEE preparation alone, then combined with 12th boards.

A drop year for students who could not secure a seat in the top IITs and NITs is the best option because it provides the droppers for IIT-JEE with all the much needed time required for the JEE preparation. The candidates do not have to worry about scoring well in school, attendance, the school test, board exam, and board result.

Droppers for IIT JEE

A drop year allows giving a fresh start to your JEE preparation.

If you are a droppers for IIT-JEE then you must be tired of people telling you how much of a waste of time it is? And the aspirants are left with the question “should I drop a year for JEE?

But you should have faith in yourself because taking a drop doesn’t mean the end of the road. But in reality, a new journey has just begun. 

Some motivational tips for JEE Droppers

Here are a few tips for you to stay motivated in your drop year for JEE Droppers

  1. If you are focused on your goals and determined towards achieving your goals then opting for a drop year is never a waste of time. You should have in yourself the will to study the same syllabus again.
  2. Do not take it as JEE Droppers Year, take it as a gateway that will take you closer to your dreams. This positive thinking will make you feel more confident and dedicated. 
  3. If you give your 100% then it won’t matter to you if you are selected or not. But it will make your parents feel proud about the amount of dedication you gave to the exam.
  4. Stay calm if your hard work doesn’t show up in your test. Keep practicing and eventually, it will.
  5. Stay happy, positive, and confident. Do not let the outside world believe you that dropping a year is a waste of time. 

Because now is the right time to prove them wrong.

Nothing can take place of the zest that the first attempt brings along. The candidates are all charged up and excited while appearing for the first time. But talking of a drop year, it too has its pros, like you do not have to worry about giving your time to another area you can give your undivided attention to your JEE exam

Candidates opting for a drop a year always have higher results in the drop year than in the previous year.


Is Dropping a year a good option?

Is taking drop a good decision for JEE is the most common question that students reappearing for jee ask. In my opinion, dropping a year is a good option if you are dedicated to your goals. It helps you kickstart your journey again.

Why do people take a drop year?

Candidates opt for a drop year to secure a seat in top IIT or NITs.

Is it OK to take a drop after the 12th?

Yes, it is totally fine to take a drop year after the 12th. It gives you more time to prepare for the competitive exam. You do not have to think about schools, attendance, the school test, and 12th boards.

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