JEE Exam 2022: Last 15 days strategy before JEE Exam July Attempt

JEE Exam 2022 Last 15 days strategy

JEE Exam 2022

The JEE exam is approaching and the aspiring candidates have now tightened up their seat belts for their preparation. The commencement of the JEE exam 2022 has brought stress along. It is one of the most difficult exams and needs to be prepared with full focus and concentration. The competition is so high that you need to keep up your preparation to push others around and rise like a shining star.

Two attempts are provided for the JEE main exam and the first attempt was conducted between 22 to 29 june and the release date of JEE main 2nd attempt has come out. With not many days in the JEE exam 2022, the aspiring candidates have already begun their hunt for the best JEE preparation strategy that will help the candidates breeze through the exam.

Following are the JEE preparation strategy that will help you in acing the JEE exam in just 15 days:

Revisions for better results

The best JEE preparation strategy is to make the best of this limited time by practicing through revisions. To crack the JEE exam 2022 it is vital to make revision a habit. Start your revision afresh by forming a proper revision schedule and make sure that it is strictly adhered to. You can decide the time by allocating 5 days to each course. Now it is up to the candidate what they want to revise. Some candidates prefer revision of the full syllabus whereas others prefer revision of just the key topics.

 JEE Prep made easy with Promodoro Technique

To avoid getting distracted during this crucial time it is important to follow a technique that will keep you from the same. The technique is quite simple to follow. You just need to set a timer for 25 minutes and indulge into whatever JEE preparation you are following at the moment. Be it practicing, revising, forming notes, etc. And during this time avoid any distractions like phone, social media, G-mail, etc. Take a 5-7 minutes break after every 25 minutes and after 4-5 sessions take a long break of 30 minutes to refresh your mind. 

This technique will help you improve your focus and concentration for the JEE exam. 

New topic can be a new problem

Never commit the mistake of starting a new topic at this point of time. Starting a new topic at this point will only add to your stress and anxiety. You should rather focus more on revising what you have already studied before. 

Practice leads to perfection

Practice makes a man perfect and so is the case with the JEE exam. You can ace the JEE exam preparation by following this tip. The more you practice previous years question papers and mock test series the more you secure chances of scoring high in the exam. Practicing helps you boost your problem-solving speed and accuracy.

Relax yourself

This crucial time brings a lot of anxiety and stress. And thus it is important to stay calm. Avoid stress and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adhere to your timetable. Stress can act on your JEE exam preparation. Surround yourself with positivity and with such an attitude you are sure to crack the JEE exam. 

So, these are some of the best JEE preparation strategies that will help you score high in the JEE exam 2022.


What should I do on my last day before JEE advance?

On your last day before the NEET exam it is important to eat healthy, collect all the essential documents and get enough sleep.

How do I get rid of NEET anxiety?

Regular revision, lots of practice and physical exercise will keep you from JEE exam stress.

How many hours does a JEE topper study?

If you are preparing for JEE exam 2022 then you need to study for at least 10-12 hours.

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