JEE Main Sample Question Paper with Solutions PDF

JEE main sample question paper.

Your Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) preparation is incomplete if you do not solve JEE Main Sample Papers regularly. Solving these papers gives you a clear picture of how well-prepared you are for the upcoming exam as they assess your knowledge about the subjects included in the exam. It is highly recommended to grab as many of these jee main sample question paper with solutions as you can for effective preparation of your exam.

JEE Main Sample Question Paper with Answer key – How to Download

JEE Aspirants are provided below the Solved Sample Question Paper of JEE Main 2020 in pdf format. Students can download the papers by clicking on paper link and practice them for better Preparation.

JEE Main Sample Question Paper
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JEE Main Sample Paper 2020 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2019 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2018 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2017 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2016 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2015 Pdf
JEE Main Sample Paper 2014 Pdf

Benefits of Practising the JEE Main 2020 Sample Papers

Here is a detailed look at the six top reasons to solve jee mains sample paper pdf:

  • Identify Weak Areas

Solving these iit jee main sample paper helps you identify the areas you are weak in as well as the ones you are through with. This, in turn, helps in efficient planning for JEE exam preparation. Dedicate more time to the topics you are weak in and clarify any doubts you have about the same to prepare well.

  • Type of Questions

JEE is a tough paper to crack. Even the simplest of questions are twisted to test every bit of your knowledge. jee main sample question paper are a good way to find out how the questions are put across in the exam. Solving more and more of these iit jee question paper will make it easier for you to comprehend them over time.

  • Examination Pattern

This jee main sample paper is designed as per the IIT JEE Examination pattern. You thus get a complete insight into the examination pattern. From the way the paper is divided into different sections to the number of questions asked in each section – you get first-hand knowledge of it all by way of JEE Sample Paper.

  • Time Management

Make sure you solve iit jee sample question paper within 3 hours just the way you are expected to do in the exam. As you solve more and more papers you will get to know approximately how much time you should spend on each question/ section in order to complete the paper on time. This will help you manage time efficiently during the exam.

  • Problem-Solving Ability

Going through different questions, understanding them and solving them over and over again will hone you’re analytical as well as a problem-solving ability which would further help in enhancing your speed as well as accuracy.

  • Confidence Level

When you already have an insight into the examination pattern and firsthand experience of solving similar papers, you will certainly feel more confident on the examination day. jee mains sample Question paper with solutions are thus a great way to boost your confidence.

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Hope the above information helps you in cracking  IIT JEE 2020. All the best!

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