JEE Mains Online Vs Offline – Which One is Better?

JEE Mains Online Vs Offline

JEE Mains Online vs Offline: Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Mains online and offline mode differ in a number of ways. The mode you choose may impact your performance in the exam to a large extent. Many students get perplexed on the mode they should opt for. To make this choice easier for you here is a detailed look at the pros and cons of JEE Mains online and JEE Mains offline:

JEE Mains Online vs Offline

Here are Some Pros and Cons of JEE Mains Online vs Offline

Pros of JEE Mains Online Mode

  • You do not have to spend time marking the bubble. You can check the answer with just one click.
  • You get the option of changing the answer anytime during the exam.
  • There are different slots set for the examination. The candidates can choose their preferred date and time of the exam.
  • You get the information about a number of questions answered and a number of questions unanswered on the screen. So there is hardly any room for skipping or missing out on any question by mistake.
  • Application fee for online mode is lesser than offline mode.

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Cons of JEE Mains Online Mode

  • There may be technical problem during the exam. This can waste your time and hamper your performance.
  • Besides other technical issues, you cannot overlook the possibility of power cut.
  • Students do not get the question paper for further reference.

Pros of JEE Mains Offline Mode

  • There is no chance of any technical issue when you opt for JEE Mains offline mode. You require working with pen and paper.
  • Students are more comfortable with pen and paper as they have always attempted their exams in that mode during their school. This mode is thus more comfortable.
  • Students get a chance to take the question paper along with them.
  • Students can go through the paper and choose the section they want to start with.

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Cons of JEE Mains Offline Mode

  • Bubbling the answers can be quite time consuming. It wastes a lot of time – the time that can be spent in revision of the paper.
  • An answer marked incorrectly cannot be changed. So, there is no room for correction in this mode.
  • Students don’t get the flexibility of choosing the date and time of exam. They need to appear for the exam on the date set for the same.
  • The application fee of offline mode is higher compared to the online mode.

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So, we see that each mode has some pros and cons. Students may choose to give the exam in the mode they are comfortable using considering the aforementioned points.

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