Last 3 months JEE Strategy: Strategy To Score More In IIT JEE

Last 3 months JEE Strategy

With IIT JEE 2016 being less than 3 months away the pressure is bound to increase for those preparing to appear for it. However, feeling pressurised and stressed would only add to your burden. It is important to relax and handle the situation tactfully. Last 3 months JEE Strategy  planning can help you score well in the exam.

You must have studied the entire syllabus at least once by this time. Do not look for any fresh material now and begin your revision preferably from the notes you have prepared so far. Begin with the portion you marked as difficult and seek help if you are still stuck somewhere with it. Each subject is different from the other and you cannot make a generalized plan for all three at this crucial time.

Last 3 months JEE Strategy Plan to Crack JEE

Here is a separate strategic plan to follow in the last 3 months to crack this examination.


Physics is one subject that most JEE students count on. To score high in Physics, you need to be thorough with the basic concepts and practice well. 

Going by previous years’ trends Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism are given more weightage in JEE. Questions are also asked on topics such as Waves, Fluid Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, and Modern Physics. It is thus time to focus more on these topics.


It is essential to be thorough with the chemical formulas in Chemistry. Prepare a sheet of all the formulas and keep it handy. Take a glance at the formulas regularly to memorize them.

As per the previous years’ exams, higher weightage is given to Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions, Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry, Chemical Binding, s-block Elements, p-block Elements, Solid State, Solutions and Colligative Properties, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes and Ketones, Co-ordination Compounds, Chemical Equilibrium and Ionic Equilibrium. So devote more time to these topics in these last months. 


The basics of Mathematics should be clear to you by now. It is time to enhance your ability to solve problems more and more quickly and this can only be done if you practice well. Try solving all kinds of problems and set timelines for yourself to improve your speed and add these to your Last 3 months JEE Strategy to crack the exam.

You must particularly practice and be well-versed with Vector Algebra, 3-D Geometry, Integration, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometric Ratios, Complex Numbers, and Parabola. Keep a sheet of formulas handy to revise them again and again.

It is also the time to solve the previous year’s question papers and give as many mock tests. As you can for all three subjects to know where you stand. This Last 3 months JEE Strategy would not only give you an idea about the topics you need to brush up on but also help you manage your time well during the examination. has made available a number of JEE mock tests on its site. Solving these would give you an edge over the others. This online coaching portal also provides topic-based video lectures. So if you are still feeling doubtful about any topic then you can opt for these to understand them properly from the top faculties from Kota.

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