Quick Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced 2022

Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced

Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced: JEE Advanced examination which is scheduled on August 28, 2022 this year will be conducted by IIT Roorkee this year under in computer-based mode. Only students who qualify for JEE Mains will be able to sit for this prestigious exam. With approximately two and a half months remaining for JEE Advanced 2022, this is the peak time for doing the revision.

But the question arises that how to revise for IIT-JEE knowing the syllabus is so vast. What should be the ideal revision strategy to get a good rank in JEE Advanced? We have tried to answer some of these questions in this blog. Let’s see the quick revision strategy for iit jee and plan for this exam below.

Quick Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced 2022 by Expert

30 days before the examination you should follow these points-

Try to wake up early because the exam is conducted usually in the morning and afternoon shift. Your brain will take time to adjust to this new sleeping and waking up pattern but it is mandatory to sleep early and get up early as it will increase the functioning of your brain cells and help rejuvenate it.

A daily to-do list plays a pivotal role during the revision process. Every day when you wake up, plan your entire day. For example, cover the‘ Kinematics chapter’, solve 25 questions from Physics, 10 from Mathematics.

Make it a habit of iit previous year question paper on a daily basis. This will help you know your on-going preparation and analyze how well you are acquainted with solving difficult questions. The exam should be given in a similar exam condition with a timer and an OMR sheet.

Quick revision can be done with the help of flash cards and hand-written notes.

Avoid using any new study material or reference books. In this last month only revise NCERT books. If you start with any new books then it might definitely boggle your mind and panic you affecting your JEE preparation.

Once you have solved the JEE advanced sample papers, make a habit of looking at the solutions also. These will tell you how to approach a question, the correct strategy to solve it in less time and later you can make your own strategy to tackle similar kind of questions.

Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced Physics

A lot of students fear Physics and struggle with this tricky subject. The subject involves a conceptual understanding of a topic along with practising a lot of numerical. Moreover, the question paper of JEE Advanced which is set by IIT professors who integrate several topics into one question which makes it even more difficult. So, how should you do your revision for Physics?

Go through the NCERT books or your preferred study material and try to concise every chapter’s important formulas on one paper. This should be written by you so that when you look at it, you quickly recall them.

If you haven’t understood a topic that carries weightage and holds importance then refer your friend or teacher who would help you understand it. Topics and chapters are often linked in this subject. So, try to make sure you do not leave any chapter.

Ample amount of practice is the next thing that you cannot escape. Hopefully, by now, you must have solved enough questions to get familiar with the topic. In last month, appear for as many jee mock test as you can and do not forget to practice the previous year question papers.

During your revision try to re-attempt those questions that you couldn’t have solved earlier.

Revision should be well-planned. If you randomly pick up any topic, solve questions, and leave it in between then it is not going to help you complete your revision process.

Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry

Here is the Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced for Chemistry Subject

Chemistry is said to be the most scoring among the other two subjects – Physics and Mathematics. If you do a proper revision for Physical, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry then you can score maximum marks in this subject.

On priority revise those topics in which you are confident in.

Later begin with topics that seem difficult. If you start with the tricky topics first then it might consume a lot of time and later you might not be able to revise your strong sections also.

Revision is always best with hand-written notes. Just like you wrote important formulas of Physics try writing reactions and key points on one paper. A diagrammatic representation will help you memorize reactions easily.

Revision Strategy for IIT JEE Advanced Mathematics

Mathematics and practice go parallel. The subject doesn’t require mugging up anything. It is pure logic and practice-based subject. Though remembering formulas is recommended, but the derivations and concepts should be understood logically. The more you practice, the better you become in solving questions.

Try solving easy questions to gain confidence. Slowly and gradually move to difficult questions. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to solve them. See its solutions, know the correct technique in which the question has been approached and then give it an attempt again.

Important chapters for IIT JEE Advanced 2022

 Though NCERT books are important it is wrong to say that they are sufficient for clearing JEE Advanced. The paper is complex and regarded as one of the toughest examinations of India. Hence, students need to do an advanced level of preparation. They need to cover concepts from reference books, coaching’s study material and video lectures, JEE sample question papers, previous year questions papers, and NCERT books.

Best Revision Package for IIT JEE Advanced

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The last one month is extremely crucial for all JEE aspirants. Investing this time smartly and carefully can help you achieve high marks and secure your rank in the exam. With Etoosindia final revision courses, students will be able to complete the entire syllabus in a quick and efficient way. So, without any delay, aspirants should start the process of revision.

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