Last month’s preparation plan For JEE Main 2023 | Tips to follow

last month’s preparation plan

The NTA conducts the JEE exam in two slots one in the month of January and the other in the month of April. Being one of the most grinding exams it requires years of preparation. Its vast syllabus coupled with a high level of competition makes this exam even more back-breaking. No doubt your hard work calculates that you have poured in the past years but how you utilize the last month is consequential. As mentioned, the first slot of the JEE Main exam will be in the month of January which leaves you with just a month’s time for the preparation of the same. Now aspiring students are coming up with the question about how to use this one month to its fullest. To use this time correctly you need a last month’s preparation plan.

Keep reading this piece of write-up to know about the best last month’s preparation plan.

JEE tips for last month’s preparation plan

1. Keep track of time

How you manage your time during the last month can make a huge difference in your grades. You have a month to cover the entire JEE syllabus and hence it is crucial to manage your time to the fullest. Knowing your weak and strong areas allot time to each subject accordingly.

2. Regular revision for better results

To be smooth with the concepts it is a major requisite to stay regular on the revisions. This is the time when you can make the fullest utilization of the notes that are prepared during the preparation of the JEE exam. Focus on making a good grip of the JEE formulas. Work on your doubts and weaker areas and concentrate on excelling in such areas.

3. Mock test

It is a must to take a mock test in your last month’s preparation plan. Mock tests are substantive as these test series give you a clear picture of how the JEE questions paper will be and what types of questions will be asked in the exam. Being enlightened about where you stand in the competition is mandatory and thus mock tests help you assess the same. Not just this, taking mock tests on a regular basis will help you build speed and accuracy.

4. Hold a positive attitude

How positively you deal with a situation makes a huge impact on the results thus it is crucial to hold a positive attitude. There might be times in your preparation when you will score low on the test and feel demotivated, this is exactly what you need to work on. Instead of being disappointed, work on your mistakes, and figure out ways that will help you do better.

5. Practice PYQs

Nothing can prepare you better than practicing previous year’s question papers. solve as many previous years’ question papers as you can. Not just you will be working on your speed and accuracy while practicing but you will also be boosting your confidence without even knowing it.


Can I score at least 120 marks in the JEE Advanced? I am in class 11.

Yes, not just 120 you can score more than that only if you prepare the better way:

  • Get acquainted with the JEE 2023 syllabus
  • Familiarize yourself with the JEE exam pattern
  • Form a JEE 2023 preparation study plan
  • Choose the right resource books

What are some tips for droppers for JEE aspirants?

Guide For Droppers For JEE Preparation 2023

  • Opt for the right sources of preparation
  • Overweening can lead to failure
  • Focus on your weak points
  • Adopt healthy study habits

Can IITIANS share some tips for droppers to crack the JEE and get into any IIT for a BE course?

Toppers tips that will help to crack the JEE exam 2023

  1. Plan a daily schedule
  2. Eliminate the distractions
  3. Opt for the best test series
  4. Do not leave doubts for later

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