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Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an art. While it requires logic to solve various problems, they must be dealt like an art and solved patiently and calmly. Problem solving skills are something that not everyone possesses however everyone can acquire these with a little effort. This piece of writing is a small effort to help you learn problem solving skills.

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Go through each point and apply it whenever you are faced with a problem:

1. Identify the Root Cause

Whatever is the problem, there is always a reason for it. Sometimes the reason can be a person at other times it can be a particular situation or it may be the society. The reasons may be varied and the ways to deal with the problem shall depend upon the reason. Until and unless we aren’t aware about the root cause of a problem we shall not be able to solve it properly. It will re-occur and continue to trouble you if not removed from the very root. Hence, the first step would be to identify the root cause of the problem.

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2. Focus on the Solution

The mistake most people make is that they keep their problem as their main point of focus. They keep discussing the problem with multiple people and think about it all the time. This is a wrong approach. It only aggravates the problem and complicates it further. Good problem solving skills involve focusing on the solution rather than the problem. When you focus on the solution instead of cribbing about the problem you shall be able to see the various possible solutions for your problem.

3. Follow Your Passion

It may sound weird but we mostly get the solution to our problems doing what we love doing the best as that is the time our mind is at peace and can think calmly. So if you love singing then sing aloud, if you love cycling then take out your cycle and go for a ride, if you love swimming then take a dip and mull over the problem as you try different moves in the water. You are likely to find various possible solutions to your problem in such moments and the problem may not even appear as big.

4. Analyse the Possible Solutions

There are multiple solutions to a problem. You can take different routes to solve it. And can either stand up and fight against it or sit down patiently and wait for things to take a new turn or seek help from others and so on. You must analyse all the possible solutions to the problem and write down all the pros and cons related to them. You must then go for the most feasible and effective solution.

5. Trust Your Gut Instinct

We may apply logic and analyse various probable solutions looking at their pros and cons however if something doesn’t seem right from the inside it probably isn’t. Each one of us has a gut feeling and we must listen to it. Remember the answers to all the problems lie within us. We just need to listen to our inner self intently.

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6. Look for the Lesson Taught

It is said that problems and hindrances come our way to teach us something. There is a reason why we are faced with different problems from time to time. Such situations arise for our own good. They make us stronger and wiser. There is a hidden lesson in each of these problems. So, in addition to focusing on solving the problem, we must analyse and understand the lesson the problem is trying to teach us. This is how we grow to face bigger challenges and problems in life.

Lastly, surround yourself with people who bring in positivity and stay positive!

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