Amit Shah to launch MBBS course in Hindi medium | Hindi Version of MBBS

MBBS course in Hindi medium

In light of making MBBS feasible for Hindi medium students now, the MBBS course will be available in Hindi Medium too. Union Minister Mr. Amit Shah launched the MBBS MBBS course in Hindi medium in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

MBBS course in Hindi Medium In Bhopal

Bhopal: According to the latest reports the Union Minister Mr. Amit Shah launched the MBBS MBBS course in Hindi medium in the state of Madhya Pradesh on October 16 by getting them translated. The three MBBS subjects  – anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry – will be taught in Hindi in all 13 government colleges of the state of Madhya Pradesh to first-year students who will want to opt for Hindi as their language. 

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As per the words delivered by Chief Minister, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the step to provide MBBS courses in Hindi medium has been taken towards eliminating the misconception that medical and engineering courses can only be learned only in the English language but the same can be done in our Mother Tongue Hindi too.

Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan further added that “This is a step in putting into practice the idea that one can move ahead in life through education in Hindi medium too. It’s the resolve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the medium of education should be in one’s mother tongue”.

The translation of medical books has been entrusted under the preeminent Hindi cell ‘Mandar’ for a well-structured curriculum at Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal this year. This task was undertaken by a number of experts from the medical field. The experts included college teachers who put in their hard work for 5,568 hours.

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Mr. Vishwas Sarang’s words over the MBBS course in Hindi medium

The Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang made it clear that the Hindi books will be provided along with English books without a change in the technical terms as these will remain in English. 

Mr. Vishwas Sarang further added “Madhya Pradesh will be the first state in the country to start medical education in Hindi. The pilot project of the MBBS course in Hindi will start at Gandhi Medical College. From the current session itself, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry will be taught in Hindi in the first year of MBBS in all 13 government medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, it will be implemented in MBBS second year also in the next session”.

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Mr. Sarang advanced saying that no special provisions like special courses or classrooms will be provided to students studying in the Hindi language. 

Mr. Sarang further elucidated saying the translation of the MBBS course in Hindi medium has been done using the same terminology used in the English language. The classroom, lecturers, and students would remain the same. The change will be only made for the students who find it difficult to understand the lectures and books in English. Such students will be provided the privilege to study the three main subjects in their own language.

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Students view over MBBS course in Hindi medium

The first-year MBBS students have shown appraisal towards the decision and are of the view that this initiative will help students learn the easy way.

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Another opinion was put forward by a third-year student Antara Lahiri, who is of the view that the MBBS course in Hindi medium is a monotonous process but will only do more good to the medical students wanting to study in their language. The students further added that it should be looked into how the books written by English authors are going to be translated, but it’s a good initiative in all as a lot of students struggle to study in English. 

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