Mistakes Students Commit While Preparing for NEET-2 Exam

NEET 2 is held to shortlist deserving candidates for admission to different medical courses in some of the most reputed medical colleges in the country. The examination is tough and competition is high. Here are some of the common mistakes students commit while preparing for this exam. Avoid these to study efficiently and come out with flying colours in this examination:

1. Poor Time Management

This is one of the main hindrances in achieving the goals. Many students overlook the importance of preparing a study schedule while others try to schedule their time but are unable to abide by it. Remember, the time is limited and the syllabus is vast. Thus, if you do not manage your time well, you shall never be able to study properly.

2. Mugging Up
Many students make the mistake of mugging up topic after topic without understanding the concepts. This is not the right way to study. The questions put across in the NEET -2 exams are mostly twisted and turned to assess your knowledge and you can answer them correctly only if you are thorough with the concepts.

3. Last Minute Revision
If you think revision is a last minute activity then you are wrong. Revision should be a continuous process. Keep revising all the lessons you study regularly so as to retain them well. Also make sure you cover the entire syllabus at least two months prior to the exam and keep the remaining period exclusively for revision.

4. Juggling between Books
Juggling between different books and study material every time you sit to study can waste a lot of time. This way you may even miss out on some information. Preparing the notes by referring to different sources is the right thing to do. You should refer to your notes the next time you sit to study the same topic.

5. Compromising on Sleep
Many students compromise their sleep to get a few hours extra to study. However, compromising on ones sleep is not a good idea. It will only mar your power to concentrate, drain your energy and make you feel lethargic.

6. Group Studies
While it is a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while, merely relying on the same would not be of any help however many students make the mistake of doing group studies rather than devoting time to self study.

7. Stress
Stress is also one of the reasons why many fail to succeed in this tough competitive examination. While it is natural to feel stressful during this time, it only hampers your power to concentrate. It is important to stay calm and positive and divert all your energy towards your study.

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