How to Nail Mathematics in Just 4 Weeks?

How to Nail Mathematics in Just 4 Weeks?So you are left with just 4 weeks for the preparation of your mathematics exam and there is a lot left to study? Worry not! You have just enough time to nail this exam. Whether you are preparing for your CBSE exam, JEE or any other competitive examination that has maths as a subject, there are few tips that work equally well for all. Here is a look at these to help you speed up your preparation:

  1. Practice

Practice is the key to master this subject. You still have a lot of time to practice. So make the most of it. Begin by picking problem sums from one chapter at a time. Understand the concept thoroughly before you begin solving the problems. Practicing over and over again will help you understand and analyze the questions accurately and derive at the answers quickly.

  1. Clear your Doubts

You still have a lot of time to clarify all the doubts and apprehensions you have regarding any topic. Seek help from your teachers at school or coaching institute to get clarity. It is only when you are thorough with the concepts you shall be able to solve the sums accurately.

  1. Go for Video Lectures

There may be certain topics that you might not have enough clarity on. While you can seek help from your teachers to understand certain problems, you cannot ask them to repeat the entire topic exclusively for you. In such a case, you can make use of video lectures. Etoosindia offers exclusive topic based courses. So you do not require opting for the entire course. You can just purchase the topic you want to learn and get going.

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Etoosindia has a pool of experienced mathematics faculties. The video lectures have been delivered by these faculty members and thus offer a great learning experience. The institute also has a doubt clinic wherein you can clarify your doubts related to anything in the lecture. You just need to enter your query in the forum and the faculties at Etoosindia shall answer back in few hours.

  1. Give Mock Tests

Solving the problem sums given in your NCERT book and guidebooks is a good way to practice. However, giving mock tests and solving sample papers takes your preparation to the next level. Here is how mock tests help to up your preparation:

  • Mock tests give an insight into the examination pattern which is of utmost importance.
  • These are helpful in understanding the way the questions are twisted to test your knowledge in the exam.
  • These are timed and hence help in building your speed.
  • These are also a good way to learn how to manage your time efficiently during the exam.
  • These are a great way to hone your analytical skills and build accuracy.
  1. Learn Formulas and Theorems

It goes without saying that maths is all about formulas and theorems. Those who have a thorough knowledge about these can master the subject. Devote enough time to learn these. It is a good idea to write the formulas on a piece of paper and stick it on your door or study and give it a glance every now. This helps in memorizing them well. Similarly, go through the theorems again and again to retain them well.

So, follow these simple tricks and see how quickly you shall be able to prepare for your exam.

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