National Testing Agency : Formation, Objectives and Functions of NTA

National Testing Agency

What is the National Testing Agency?

The National testing agency is an Indian agency established by the Union Council of Ministers. It is a self-governing organization that undertakes the task of conducting high national-level entrance exams like JEE, NEET, etc. This agency evaluates the potential of the candidates appearing for highly coveted exams. It is through this agency that the candidates are provided admission to prestigious government, private, and various CFTIs.

How was NTA formed?

The National Testing Agency was formed on November 17 under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The ministry of education, the Government of India, and several other authorities are involved in this to empower the National Testing Agency in assessing the students for various higher-level examinations conducted in India.

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The call for NTA

A lot of corruption was seen in such higher-level examinations like:

  • Leaking of question paper
  • Delay of the exam
  • Improper organization of the exam
  • delay in the results of the exams

With the reasons given above, a dire need for an agency for the proper conduct of the exams was felt. And thus to meet this demand the Government of India came up with the proposal of introducing an agency that would be in charge of all the formal and informal examinations conducted in the country. Apart from the mentioned reasons, it is important to have a proper agency to maintain the standard and transparency of the exams organized in the country.

And thus the National Testing Agency was established in November 2017 under the chairmanship of Mr.Vineet Joshi.
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Objectives of the National Testing Agency

The objectives of the National testing agency are mentioned below:

  1. The NTA aims at conducting transparent, efficient, and international standards tests to evaluate the eligibility of the students for admission and recruitment purposes.
  2. For the purpose of picking out the crunches in the knowledge systems and developing a bridge over them, the NTA undertakes the task of research on professional, educational, and testing systems.
  3. The agency performs the tasks of identifying the experts and institutions for preparing questions for the examinations.
  4. It undertakes the task of producing and disseminating the data and performs research on education and professional development standards.

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Functions of the National Testing Agency

  • The NTA has been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a question bank of all the subjects with the latest techniques.
  • Introducing a well-structured Research & Development culture and providing a panel of experts in various aspects of testing.
  • Building a strong base in the field of testing and providing training and advisory services to institutions to help them with the same.
  • Delivering institutions with quality testing services.
  • With the aid of Indian and global expertise, the NTA aims at developing a modern culture of testing. This task has been achieved with the help of international organizations like Educational Testing Services.
  • The NTA is charged to conduct any other exam that has been asked by the central/state government to take up.
  • The NTA introduces reforms and training of school boards and other bodies where the standard of testing must be at par with the level of examination.

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