Online NCERT Books for classes 10th to 12th

NCERT BooksNational Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET), conducted to select students for medical courses in top medical colleges of the country, is one hard nut to crack. The syllabus is vast and students are often perplexed about which books to refer to prepare thoroughly for the same. Experts suggest that the key focus of medical aspirants should be the NCERT books. Here is why these are considered to be so important for NEET :

Online NCERT Books:

  1. Written by Subject Matter Experts

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an independent firm set up back in 1961 by the Indian government, has a team of subject matter experts that provide content for their books. The aim of NCERT is to offer qualitative enhancement in school education and it has very well been doing so by way of its books.

NCERT books have exclusively been designed for schools that follow the CBSE (the same board that conducts NEET) curriculum.

  1. Build Strong Base

The basics of all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology are explained clearly in their respective NCERT books. These books are said to be the best way to clear your concepts and build a strong base. Understanding the content shared in other books also becomes easier once you have gone through the Online NCERT books.

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  1. Easy to Comprehend

The language used in NCERT books is quite simple. The approach followed in these books is also direct and articulate. The technical as well as theoretical aspects are explained in a manner which is easier to understand as compared to other guidebooks and textbooks available in the market.

  1. Use of Flow Charts and Diagrams

NCERT books especially the biology books include a lot of flow charts and diagram that help the students understand and learn the concepts even more easily. Most of the questions in the NEET biology section are also diagram-based.

  1. Similar Pattern

Most questions included in NEET are either directly taken from the books or are based on a similar pattern. Having gone through the NCERT book thus helps you prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Quick Facts

  • Around 90-92% questions from the biology section in NEET are usually from NCERT books.
  • Around 60% of the questions from the chemistry section (including 90-92% from organic chemistry) and 40-50% of the questions from the physics section in the NEET exam are mostly from the NCERT books.
  • Most of the pictorial questions in NEET are from the books.

No wonder toppers and experts recommend medical aspirants to study Online NCERT books meticulously!

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