NEET 2018 Last Minute Preparation Tips You Must Consider

NEET 2018 Last Minute Prepration Tips

With just about few days left for NEET 2018, it is essential for you to know how to make the most of this time for effective preparation. Here are some NEET 2018 last-minute preparation tips to help you crack this difficult medical entrance examination:

NEET 2018: Last Minute Preparation Tips

Here are few preparation tips you must consider before NEET Exam

Revise Repeatedly

Revision is the key to effective learning. It is suggested to revise your chapters repeatedly in order to be thorough with them. Do not refer to your guidebooks or other neet study material at this time. This is the time to read and revise from your handwritten notes.

Solve More and More Numericals

These last few days must be spent in solving as many numerical as you can. Even if you are thorough with the concepts and formulae and are well-versed with the steps to solve numerical you may still fall short during the exam if you haven’t practiced these well enough.

Practice Diagrams and Graphs

It is equally essential to practice diagrams and graphs. Draw diagrams and make graphs to be thorough with the questions related to the same. The more you practice the better you shall be at these.

Give Mock Tests

Giving mock tests must form an essential part of these few days counting to the exam. It is suggested to solve at least one mock test each day preferably at the same time NEET examination is to be held. This will help enhance your speed and manage time efficiently during the exam. It will also acquaint you with the examination pattern and give you a first-hand experience of solving the NEET paper before you appear for the actual exam.

Analyse Your Performance

Don’t just give mock tests and solve previous years’ papers, also analyse your performance once you are done. This will help you figure out the areas you are weak in. So, you can clarify any doubts you have and brush up on them while you still have time.

Focus on Important Parts

It is also time to focus on the important topics based on the neet previous year papers and their weight-age. However, this does not mean you ignore the rest of the topics. It is essential to be thorough with the entire syllabus.

Take Good Care of Your Health

 Lastly, do not ignore your health. Take good care of both your physical as well as mental health. For this, it is essential to follow a healthy diet, take proper sleep and indulge in light exercise such as brisk walk or yoga for few minutes each day.

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