NEET Course in Complete English for Karnataka Candidates

neet course in english for karnataka candidates

Great news for all NEET aspirants! All medical students can now prepare expeditiously with our recently launched English neet course by India’s No.1 NEET Online Coaching.

As per our belief, the language should never interrupt learning and thus, keeping this in mind our proficient faculty have designed an online curriculum based on how students should actually prepare to crack medical examination. Excited to know more about it? Read below to decode the details.

NEET Course in English

Sr. No. Topics Duration Place your order
1. Electrostatic & Gravitation by Anu Gupta (ANU) Sir 45 Buy
2. Current Electricity by (ANU) Sir 30 Buy
3. Capacitor by Anu Gupta (ANU) Sir 30 Buy
1. Physical Chemistry First Step for NEET by Prince Singh (PS) Sir 60 Order
2. Organic Chemistry First Step for NEET in Navneet Jethwani (NJ) Sir 45 Order
1. First Step to Zoology by Akanksha Agarwal (AA) Mam 90 Buy
2. First Step to Botany by Himanshu Agarwal (HA) Sir 90 Order

Why take EtoosIndia English NEET Course?

  • Online video lectures in complete English are methodical and well-planned.
  • Our experienced faculties have categorized these courses into First Step, Perfect Theory, Problem-Solving, Final Revision and Final Preparation keeping in mind the requirement of students.
  • They have made sure to cover the entire neet course for NEET exam syllabus on time.
  • A student can top in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology or with these effective video lectures.
  • Want to know the correct problem-solving strategy? You can do it with neet previous year paper.
  • The foundation courses are completely in-line with the exam pattern.
  • The excellent exam study material at Etoosindia will give you a detailed explanation of the concepts along with questions to enhance your exam preparation.
  • Assess your exam prep by appearing forneet free mock test, sample question papersand acquire their video solutions.
  • Our newly launched neet Mock test series will help you analyze your preparation smartly.

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