EtoosIndia brings NEET Courses in English for Odisha students

NEET Courses in English for Odisha students.

India’s No. 1 Online Coaching ‘EtoosIndia’ has got some really exciting news for all NEET Aspirants in Odisha state! Our team of expert faculties from Kota have recently launched neet courses in complete Courses in English language. NEET exam syllabus is huge and thus, keeping this in mind faculties has done the categorization of courses as:

  1. Re-script your basics with the First Step
  2. Amplify concepts with Perfect Theory
  3. Gain perfection in solving MCQs with Problem-Solving
  4. Revise with Final Revision
  5. Brush up your concepts with Final Preparation

Benefits of NEET Courses in English in Odisha

  • There is a wide array of online video lectures available in complete courses in English language.
  • The entire curriculum has been prepared with extensive research by experienced faculties of Kota.
  • Previous years question papers along with video solutions are available on the website to help you practice efficiently.
  • All the courses are according to the exam pattern.
  • The exam study material will bring you an analytical methodology towards all three subjects.
  • Free mock tests, sample question papers are also available to evaluate your preparation.

Which Online Courses are available in full English?

Sr. No. Topics Duration Place your order
1. Electrostatic & Gravitation by Anu Gupta (ANU) Sir 45 Buy
2. Current Electricity by (ANU) Sir 30 Buy
3. Capacitor by Anu Gupta (ANU) Sir 30 Buy
1. Physical Chemistry First Step for NEET by Prince Singh (PS) Sir 60 Order
2. Organic Chemistry First Step for NEET in Navneet Jethwani (NJ) Sir 45 Order
1. Zoology First Step course by Akanksha Agarwal (AA) Mam 90 Buy
2. Botany by Himanshu Agarwal (HA) Sir 90 Order

Apart from the above courses, there are a number of other courses as well as Complete, Yearlong, Crash, Topic-Based, Beginner and Problem-Solving. One can check them on EtooIndia.

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