One Nation One Entrance: UGC plans to merge NEET, and JEE into CUET UG Exam


Are you a JEE or NEET aspirant? Then you must be fully familiar with all the buzz going around regarding the NEET and the JEE mains exam as a merger of NEET and JEE into CUET UG exam. If you are not filled in yet with the important news then this write-up is all that you need to go through to know all that is important.

The university grant commission or the UGC is planning on merging the two highly competitive exams that are the NEET and the JEE exam into a single entrance exam under the common university entrance test or the CUET. The main aim of this proposal is to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the students on the basis of this test. 

The purpose of this plan is to reduce the stress of the students appearing for various entrance exams

As per the reports, this plan will be put into action so that the aspirants can appear for one entrance exam instead of individually appearing for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. The sum score of the students in this exam will play a dominant role in determining the desired stream.

According to the UGC chairmen Mr. Jagadesh Kumar this plan is sought to release the stress of appearing for multiple exams. 

Although, there has not been much positive support for this plan of the UGC. 

The proposal has received mixed reactions from the teachers, experts, and students. After the announcement of the news, the students who appeared for the CUET UG exam have shown dithering reactions to the decision. 

The students are of the view that the CUET UG exam has drawbacks like technical glitches and administrative problems which has to lead to the adjournment of the exam multiple times. 

CUET UG Exam: The present scenario

Around 1.49 million students appear for the CUET UG exam which is one of the biggest entrance exams. This exam was introduced by the UGC and is a gateway to several undergraduate, postgraduate, and research program courses, to get admission to various central universities and colleges. 

As per the reports 12 state universities, 19 private universities, and 11 putative universities will be a fragment of this first edition of the CUET UG Exam for admissions in the 2022-23 session.

Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET): JEE and NEET

According to the statistics, over 4.3 million students appeared for the JEE exam, NEET exam, and CUET UG exam. 

As per the rules, students aspiring to become engineers appear for the JEE mains exam and take up tests on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. While the students aspiring to become doctors appear for the NEET exam and take up tests on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

The topics of the given subjects are incorporated in the CUET UG’s 61 domain topics. The idea is to merge all these entrance exams so that the students do not have to go through the additional pressure of appearing for multiple exams. 

According to Mr. Kumar, the students should have one common entrance exam but numerous opportunities to apply for different courses and colleges. If the plan is implemented the scores in Physics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry will be used as a ranking list for medical and engineering aspirants.

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