How NEET Online Mock Test Series can help you crack the exam?

neet online mock test

Do you know the smart way to analyze your on-going medical exam preparation? It is attempting NEET online mock test series regularly. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination which is an imperative paper in shaping the career of all medical students in India is scheduled for 17 July this year.

And with just four months remaining for the actual exam, all aspiring candidates by now hopefully must have covered a significant portion of their syllabus. And to check your performance, you need to give NEET practice papers online. Let’s quickly look why is so important to appear for neet mock test.

What exactly is NEET online mock test series?

Mock tests are practice test papers that make you ready for future exams. Talking of NEET exam online practice tests, they are series of mock tests which are based on the similar exam pattern, designed in the same way as that of NEET medical exam and are conducted in offline mode. This means the difficulty level, number of questions, pattern, timing and marking scheme is the same just like the medical paper.

Benefits of taking NEET online mock test papers?

Though there are plenty of advantages, let’s look at a few-

Become Ready for Main Exam

Students who appear for mock tests are always a step ahead of others because they know neet exam pattern, changes, marking criteria, and nature of questions asked. Pre-exam jitters tend to go away by regularly attempting these test series. Also, they test your conceptual understanding of topics and build an exam temperament.

How to tackle tricky Questions

Because you have solved a wide array of difficult and tricky questions already during your NEET practice test papers, you know the strategy and technique to tackle these kinds of questions with ease and a given time limit. You eventually learn time management along with developing speed.

Boost your Confidence

Scoring good marks in NEET mock test papers somewhere makes you feel good and confident. At least you stay positive and motivated when it comes to giving the actual examination. So, the more mock tests you solve, the better it is.

Self-Analyze Yourself

Analysis is an important aspect throughout the journey of NEET preparation. Mock test papers let you keep a check at regular intervals on how you are prepping for the exam. The reason being lakhs of students every year give their best shot to secure AIR in this exam and enter into the medical field. And therefore, there is no scope for committing a mistake.

How to practice for NEET online mock test?
  • Get serious about giving the paper and solving it within the stipulated time limit.
  • Once you are done with the paper, calculate the total marks obtained.
  • See the solutions and check with yours. Develop the approach of solving questions with accuracy.
  • Analyze your entire performance in that particular test and then see where you need to work on.
  • Get started again and repeat the process. Devote the last few weeks only on revision.
  • Some mock tests are topic-based, some chapter-wise, and some cumulative. You may give the papers depending on your requirement.

Which website is best for NEET Online mock test?

When it comes to studying online, nothing can beat the video lectures of India’s No. 1 Online Coaching, EtoosIndia. They have strategically prepared videos covering the entire syllabus and catering to the needs of students. Talking of the tests series for NEET they have the following options-

  1. AIMTS- Etoos All India Medical Test Series consists of 8 chapter tests, 10 full syllabus tests, and 3 cumulative tests.
  2. Other test series are categorized for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months under the name of PCB test series available at different affordable prices.
  3. Video Mock Test Series (VMTS) with video solutions that are prepared by subject matter experts. You can also download the app.

How to take these tests? Get yourself registered on the website, choose the suitable test series, pay the amount and get started. Simple! The prime objective for these test series is to provide every NEET aspirant the smartest and easiest way to prepare for the upcoming paper.


In order to strengthen your preparation and get a clear picture of what the exam will look like, online mock test for NEET are important to give. You not only can brush up your concepts but also re-structure your current preparation strategy post analyzing your performance in these practice tests. So, without wasting any more precious time, register yourself with EtoosIndia Test Series and know your current stats of preparation along with equipping yourself for the 2022 exam.

All the very best!.

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