NEET Prep 2023 Tips and Tricks: How to Prepare for the Exam

NEET Prep 2023 Tips and Tricks

NEET Prep: That Doctor’s coat appeals to every one of us. But barely do we know the efforts it takes to achieve that designation. You must have heard of the proverb “what is earned with hard labor is eaten with pleasure” and the exact applies to the doctor’s designation. After a lot of unflagging efforts and burning midnight oil you get that status.

To achieve that place you need to clear the NEET exam. This exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency and is the only way through which you can get admission in prestigious government medical or dental colleges. Lakhs of students get ready to fight this battle but only a few are able to win it over. Now what might be the reason that some of the aspiring candidates are not able to secure a seat in the BDS or MBBS colleges even after so much hard work. The reason is an unplanned and ill-preparation strategy.  

And to win this uphill battle you need to stay on top of your NEET prep and to help you do that we have prepared a list of tips and tricks that you should follow to crack the NEET exam.

NEET Prep Tips

Know the syllabus well

Every single drop forms the ocean- and thus familiarizing well with the syllabus is the first thing you need to spread towards while on your NEET preparation. The vastness of the NEET syllabus is what makes the NEET prep this grinding. To put the best foot forward you need to be well acquainted with the areas that demand much attention. Full knowledge of the syllabus will make the process easy for you. As you won’t have to spend time deciding what to study next. 

The right study material

There is an abundance of study material for NEET prep in the market. To yield better results it is important to choose your preparation books wisely. The right study material can brilliantly craft your NEET preparation, and will achieve you high score. Opt for books that are easy for you to understand. To get your hands on the right study material you can watch toppers interviews about what they chose to study from or you can take advice from your teachers. 

A rigid timetable

After getting acquainted with the syllabus and acquiring the right study material you need to shift your focus on planning the right study timetable. Add daily targets in this planner and aim at finishing the daily targets by the end of the day, this will help you complete your syllabus on time. You will be required to finish your 2-year syllabus, thus it is recommended to create the timetable accordingly. 

Prepare notes

When preparing for exams like NEET the most important thing you need to work on is your memory. And for this purpose, you need to prepare notes as you move forward in your syllabus.  Not just this, preparing notes will help with the revision too. 

Here is how you can prepare notes for NEET prep:

  • You can use different colored markers and pens for most important topics
  • Make column for important formulas
  • Maintain the notebook neatly
  • You can use this notebook as the basis of your preparation. 

Make revision a daily habit

Revisions should be included in your daily routine. You should not wait for the syllabus to get over, your revision should be continuous. This will help you understand the chapter deeply and will also keep everything you have studied from slipping away. While revising, focus more on your weaker points and don’t skip the formulas and derivations. 


Hope that the above blog will be helpful to you in your NEET prep. Following the above tips will make your NEET preparation easy for you. 


Is NEET preparation easy?

Neet is one of the most challenging single leve;l medical entrance exams conducted in the country. Lakhs of students appear for this exam but only a few cadidated arable to secure a seat in the desired colleges. 

Is NCERT enough for NEET?

Students appearing for the NEET exam are always puzzled with this question “if NCERT books are enough for the NEET exam. Well the answer is no, NCERT books are important to build strong basics but are not enough. To get hls of the advanced level concepts you need to take help of reference books. 

How many hours do NEET toppers study?

If you want to top the NEET exam then you have to study dedicatedly for 13-14 hours.

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