Medical College: The Choice Of Students For AIIMS Or Another Reputed Colleges

Medical College

One question that almost all medical aspirants have these days is whether they should go for New AIIMs or enroll in a more reputed medical college. Students who have worked hard all through the year certainly ought to know if it is worth putting in as much effort yet again to clear AIPMT or settle for New AIIMS. To drop a year and cover the entire

AIPMT syllabus and going through the same examination stress all over again is tough for a student however at the same time it is just one year of his life versus his entire career and this is what adds to the confusion. The information shared here should help clear this ambiguity.

Infrastructure Of New AIIMS, Medical College

Don’t get tricked by the name. While AIIMS, Delhi medical college is the most sought-after institute for medical aspirants, the New AIIMS set up in different Indian cities has failed to match up to the standards of the original one. AIIMs Patna and Raipur are among some of the recently established new AIIMS campuses that have poor infrastructure.

These institutes are not equipped with super specialty departments like nephrology, neurosurgery, plastics, and cardiology among others. Some of these do not even have a blood bank, emergency services, and labor room. In a profession where first-hand experience is as vital as theoretical knowledge, the lack of these facilities deprives the students of complete knowledge.


The new medical institutes are aiming at grabbing more and more students each year. Institutes that began by admitting 50 students in the first batch almost doubled the number of student intake from the very next year without bothering about hiring an adequate number of professors.

These institutes are thus running short of faculties. In an attempt to fill up the vacant seats, some of these have hired certain teachers who are not well-experienced and are unable to impart quality education.

It is thus suggested to invest in another year, learn the lessons thoroughly, solve as many AIPMT sample papers as you can, and work on your weaknesses to reappear for AIPMT to seek admission in an esteemed medical college such as AIIMS, Delhi, MAMC, LHMC, VMMC or JIPMER.

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