Difference Between IIT and NIT– Conclusion to the Delightful Amazing Biggest Debate!

Difference between IIT and NIT

One of the biggest debates in India we can see is NIT vs IIT. It is important to know difference between IIT and NIT. This debate between IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) and NITs (National Institutes of Technology) has been in the news for around years and students often get confused as to which Institute to choose. For IIT and NIT students have to give jee main and jee advanced exams.

If you also have the same confusion, you have landed at the right place. This blog will clear all the confusion regarding difference between iit and nit and by reading this complete blog you will have a clear idea about these two institutes.

So, keep reading it till the end to know the difference between NIT and IIT and which one should you choose.

Difference Between IIT and NIT – Rankings

As mentioned earlier, there are around 23 IITs and 31 NITs in India. Despite having a large network of Institutes across the country, IITs are the preferred choice of most of the students. You will get to know the reason why most of the students choose IITs over NITs after giving iit jee advanced exam.

Talking about the rankings, in the India Rankings 2021 of the Engineering academic institutions released by the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), you could only see IITs and NITs in the top 10 list.

Among the top 10 institutes, the top 8 are IITs:

  1. IIT Madras
  2. IIT Delhi
  3. IIT Bombay
  4. IIT Kanpur
  5. IIT Kharagpur
  6. IIT Roorkee
  7. IIT Guwahati
  8. IIT Hyderabad

The remaining two in the top 10 list are NITs:

  1. NIT Tiruchirappalli
  2. NIT Karnataka

Difference between IIT and NIT – Quality of Education

When we talk about the quality of education, IITs are the preferred choice of students as they cover any course from beginning to end. The experienced and qualified faculties of IITs bring innovative teaching styles that benefit candidates with a better way of learning.

When you talk about the number of courses offered, IITs again won the battle. Where IITs are offering around 16 courses including bachelors, masters, and doctorate, NITs are only offering 10 courses.

So, if you want to take admission in these institutes for a Bachelor’s degree, you have to clear entrance exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. For a master’s degree, you have to clear IIT JAM Exam.

Difference Between IIT and NIT – Placements

Placements hold great importance for every institute, be it IIT, NIT, or any other institute. When it comes to the placement records of IITs, you could see the students getting lakhs of the package and going abroad and the same goes with the NITs pass-out students as well.

You can even see an NIT graduate getting a greater salary package than an IIT graduate. So, it’s up to your capabilities & talent that you will get a high salary package or a lower one. IIT and NIT difference in terms of placements is not much, but people always go for IITs instead of NITs because of the perception they have.

NIT vs IIT – Extra-Curricular Activities

Along with studies, these two institutes are considered to be the best in terms of extra-curricular activities. They both conduct various extra-curricular activities such as Debate, Music, Drama, Dance, Quizzing, Student Welfare, etc.

These two institutes also organize various cultural fests including Kshitij, Cognizance, Technex, Shaastra, Techkriti of IITs and Utkarsh, Advaitam, Confluence, and Saptrang of NITs. You cannot tell the difference between IIT and NIT when talking about extra-curricular activities as they both organize various events.

So, this was all about the debate i.e. IIT vs NIT. Hope you liked this informational blog.

In terms of the rankings, quality of education, and placement records you can clearly see which institute is better. You should obviously choose IITs over NITs if you want to be in the best institute. NITs do hold great importance, but when compared to the IITs, you will always see IITs winning the battle.

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