How Much Efforts Required to Clear NTSE Stage 2

NTSE Stage 2National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a scholarship program held at national level in India to select students possessing high intellect and academic talent. Students from Class X are eligible to sit for this exam. The exam consists of two stages – NTSE Stage 1 and Stage 2. If you have already cleared NTSE Stage 1 then you sure have it in you to clear NTSE stage 2 as well. You just require preparing with the same dedication and put in a little more efforts to clear NTSE Stage 2. Here is how you can qualify this prestigious exam.

  1. Prepare a Plan

It is essential to prepare a study plan before you sit to prepare for the exam. The first step in preparing an effective plan is to gather the entire NTSE Stage 2 syllabus. Once you have the syllabus handy, plan your schedule in a way that you are able to complete it in the days left for your exam and have enough time for revision.

  1. Prepare Notes

It is essential to refer to different books in order to prepare thoroughly for NTSE Stage 2. Keep jotting down main points from each source you refer to and also from the notes given in your class to prepare your own notes. Make sure your notes include all the essential information.

  1. Revise Regularly

As you study chapter after chapter to cover the syllabus make sure that you revise them simultaneously. Revising the already completed chapters side by side is essential to memorise them thoroughly. It is best to identify those hours of the day when you can concentrate best and devote them for revision. Refer only to your hand written notes as you sit to revise your lessons for NTSE Stage 2.

  1. Give Mock Tests

It is not enough just to learn your lessons, you must assess how much you have learned and that can best be done by taking mock tests and solving previous years’ NTSE Stage 2 papers. Giving these tests will not only help you assess your knowledge and identify the weak areas but will also give you an idea about the examination pattern and help you manage time efficiently during your exam.

  1. Clear Your Doubts

Don’t just plainly mug up the topics make sure that all your concepts are clear. Any doubts or apprehensions you have about any topic must be clarified while there is still time.

NTSE Stage 2 syllabus is vast and the competition is high. The key to crack this examination is to work hard, stay focused and follow the above mentioned tips.

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