Are online coaching classes form of an alternative?

Are online coaching classes an alternative

With the striking covid-19 pandemic online coaching classes have become a new trend. It has paved a new way of learning known as e-learning. This was even before the pandemic as a good number of coaching institutes shifted their physical platforms to online platforms. Digitalization of education has now become the need of the hour.

But how reliable e-learning is has been a topic of debate. 

Let’s dive into what is online form of coaching is and if these are a better alternative to offline coaching?

Online coaching classes 

The main concept of online coaching classes is that the education is computer-based wherein the students can study online with the help of an active internet connection according to their convenience and from the comfort of their home. The students do not have to travel or relocate to sit inside the classroom. 

Whereas, in the offline mode of classes the students, as well as the teachers, have to travel to the destination to provide and gain knowledge.

The queries and the doubts are solved in an online class with the help of chat group/ live sessions/doubt clinics, etc.

When a student studies online they are inculcated with the habits of time management and self-discipline. The students are free to create their own learning space if they have the proper equipment and a proper internet connection.

Online coaching classes: An equal way of imparting education

There are a good number of students who cannot get education due to topographical factors and lack of movement accessibility. For such students, online coaching classes have proven to be a major opportunity to accomplish their dreams without having to move from one place to another.

Apps like zoom, Microsoft, Google meet, etc. has enabled the students to get easy access to the lectures from their place; this also saves them a lot of expenditure that is incurred on offline modes.

Now with the introduction of online modes of education topographical factors are no more a problem for the students living in backward areas.

This is where offline modes create a problem as the students have to relocate and has to pay for hostels, vehicles, mess facilities, and other personal needs. 

Following are the advantages of online education:

  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy accessible; can be accessed from anywhere via internet connection
  • No travel expenses
  • Availability of recorded lectures, so if in case you miss any class you don’t have to worry

Everything has its pros and cons and so does online education.

Here are some of the disadvantages of online education

  • One of the major disadvantages faced by the students following the online mode of education is the management of screen time. Students have to stay logged in for longer durations regularly which is not fit for the students, especially for their eyes. But avoiding screen time is inevitable because everything these days including games or studying is computer operated.
  • Another disadvantage is the occurrence of a technical glitch. Poor internet connection causes problems multiple times which again possesses a barrier in learning for the students in backward areas like towns, villages, etc. But these can be taken care of.
  • Online modes are a cause of students being introverted these days as it does not provide enough opportunity to interact with people. But on the other hand opens vast doors of opportunities as all learning is at one place.

Is online education a better way of learning?

Looking on the brighter side the benefits of online education are no doubt unbeatable. Nowadays a number of students prefer the online mode of education due to its cost-saving benefits and accessibility anywhere.

If you are confused about whether or not you should opt for online education. Then the answer is a big YES, looking at its perks. Go for what serves your needs best.


Ques 1: Can I study for IIT-JEE 2022 online?

Answer: Yes, you can study IIT online. A number of coaching institutes are providing online education

Ques 2: Can I crack IIT with online coaching?

Answer: Yes, with the help of the best online coaching you can crack IIT.

Ques 3: Is online coaching good for NEET?

Answer: If you are studying at the right institute then online coaching can be the best way to top NEET

Ques 4: Is NCERT enough for NEET?

Answer: NCERT books are important for the formation of a base yet it is not enough.

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