Online Coaching for JEE 2023 preparation – Best courses to enroll

Online Coaching For JEE 2023 Preparation

With the ever-evolving technology in various sectors, it is making a huge difference in education as well.  The development of technology has made a huge turn in the education sector which has resulted in a shift in the mode of education from offline to online. With the availability of good internet across the globe every student with dreams in their eyes can have access to quality education. And when it comes to the preparation for grinding exams like JEE students prefer going for online coaching for JEE that will assist them in moving closer to their goals with much feasibility. 

Why online coaching for JEE is a superior choice?

The reason why online coaching for JEE is the first choice of students is that it comes with perks that offline mode of classes fail to offer.

Below mentioned are the reasons why students choose the online mode: 

  1. Online classes save you lots of money, i.e, cost-effectiveness. 
  2. The feasibility to learn from the comfort of your home
  3. It saves you time that you might spend traveling if had opted for classroom coaching
  4. Online mode of learning comes with the perk of recorded lectures, which means you can learn from anywhere and at any time.
  5. You can pen down notes much more easily, which is quite a task in classroom coaching

With a shift in the choice of JEE aspirants, various classroom institutes have now shifted from offline to online classes as well, which widens the scope for the students to choose from. But now the task is to choose the one that will be the best for the preparation of the JEE

ETOOS India- best online coaching for JEE 

If you are one of those dedicated aspirants then you would want to opt for an institute that has the experience and would surely not want to go for the one that has just started growing its roots. Among all the newly emerging online institutes ETOOS India stands like the oldest tree with its roots deep and strong in the area of online coaching. ETOOS India is one of the first online coaching institutes providing coaching to JEE aspirants

So you can stop looking for the best online coaching for JEE because ETOOS India, your learning partner, is here to help you fly high through the ups and downs of the JEE preparation. Being the top online coaching ETOOS India provides a unique course designed by a team of experts for every student. No matter if you have just begun your preparation or if you are a dropper we have something for all. Because we believe that you hold the potential to accomplish your dreams. 

Let’s discuss here some of our best courses: 

1. NCERT master course package

NCERTs are crucial for the preparation of not only boards but also for the preparation of the JEE. The questions in the JEE exam are asked from the NCERTs but the level is advanced and thus it is important to go through the basics first before moving to the advanced levels. Thus, keeping in mind the importance of the NCERTs, ETOOS India provides the NCERT Master Course Package. A course curated by a team of experts that focuses on the coverage of the entire NCERT syllabus of 11th and 12th. 

2. Rapid Revision Course- Crash Course

You might have done your preparation very well for the JEE exam but not revisiting the concepts from time to time can make your entire preparation go to waste. And this is why you should stay regular on revision. When talking of revision it too should be done in a proper manner followed by proper strategies. This is what our Rapid Revision Course offers. To have accumulated the large JEE syllabus is quite a task and to help you with that the RRC offers a quick revision of the entire JEE syllabus to boost your marks. This crash course offers video lectures by the expert faculties of Kota at affordable prices. 

3. Problem-Solving Course 

The amount of time allotted to solve the JEE question paper is comparatively less than the number of questions that the students have to attempt. The only rescue to this is solving the questions much faster with speed and accuracy. The Problem-Solving Course aims at boosting your problem-solving abilities and will help you develop strategies that will help you solve questions in much lesser time. This course will help you with effective problem-solving skills, and tricks that will help you solve questions quickly, and will boost your speed and accuracy. 

4. Mock test series

Practice indeed makes you perfect. The more you practice the higher chances you have of scoring high in the JEE exam. The best tool to equip yourself with while practicing is the Mock Test Series with video solutions. ETOOS India provides mock test series for English and Hindi medium both. These mock test series come with video solutions and are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that will acquaint you with the type of questions that are asked in the exam and help you boost your problem-solving skills.

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