Opportunities on Choosing Science Stream in Class 11th

There are a wide variety of opportunities awaiting for those of you who choose the science stream in Class 11th. If you work hard and score well in your Class XII board exams, you can choose between different courses available in a number of colleges across the country while certain courses require you to clear competitive examinations conducted at state/ national level. Here is a look at the various opportunities science students have:

Engineering is a vast field. You can specialize in different fields based on your interest and the marks you obtain. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, biomedical engineering, broadcast engineering, electronic engineering are among some of the options you can go for.

You can also study medicine that again offers several branches to specialize in. You can go on to become a general physician, dentist, dietician, dermatologist, ENT specialist, cardiologist, clinical researcher, geneticist, medical technologist, medical illustrator and homeopath among numerous other options.

You can specialize in the field of your interest and go on to become a scientist or a researcher. Agricultural scientists, chemical scientists and data scientists are much in demand these days.

The observational science that gives an in-depth knowledge about asteroids, planets, stars, satellites and comets is yet another field to pursue.

Apart from this, you can go on to become a geologist, mathematician, veterinarian, podiatrist, physicist, food technologist, palaeontologist, optometrist, oceanographer, horticulturist, environmentalist, botanist or biotechnologist if you choose the science stream after class 12th.

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