How Can I Improve My Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE?

Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE

Organic Chemistry is one part of Chemistry which the students either love or do not want to study at all. It is a section that is totally based on concepts. If you put in a little efforts to clear your concepts you will find it easy and enjoy studying organic chemistry. However, if you do not put in the required efforts initially and tag it as difficult you will never be able to work on it. Here is the approach you must take to Prepare for organic chemistry for IIT JEE.

  • Begin With the Basics

If you aim to master this subject you must understand that the key is to clear your basic concepts. So begin with the basics of organic chemistry. It is only when your fundamentals are clear you would be able to learn the more advanced topics included in organic chemistry for IIT JEE.

  • No Mugging up

 If you think that once your basic concepts are clear you can go ahead and mug up the rest without going into the depth then you are mistaken. Understanding each topic to the core is the basis of preparation for organic chemistry for IIT JEE. It is important for you to understand the mechanism of the reactions thoroughly rather than mugging up blindly.

  • Practice Regularly 

Now, even as your concepts are clear you must put them in practice more often to be thorough with the subject. Solve as many numerical as you can. The more you practice the better prepared you shall be for your exam.

  • Prepare Formula Sheet 

You must be thorough with the formula in order to solve the numerical correctly. It is essential to read the formula over and over again to ensure you retain them well. It is a good idea to prepare a formula sheet and stick it on your study, door or anywhere in your room where you can give a glance at it regularly.

  • Prepare Notes

You will have to refer to different study materials, guide books and text books to learn organic chemistry for IIT JEE. Juggling between different books can get extremely difficult and also wastes a lot of time each time you sit to study. It is thus suggested to prepare your own handwritten notes as you study your chapters. Jotting down points as you study different topics will not only help prepare notes but will also help you memorise them faster.

  • Give Mock Tests

As you learn, practice and revise to prepare the subject of organic chemistry for IIT JEE, do not forget to tesst your knowledge from time to time. The best way to test your knowledge is to give mock tests and solve previous years’ papers. This will give you a clear idea about the areas you are weak in so you can brush them up. Mock tests also help in building speed and accuracy. The students who give mock tests regularly are able to manage their time efficiently during the exam.

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  • Revise

Revision is of utmost importance if you want to improve organic chemistry for IIT JEE. It is best to revise the subject during those hours of the day when you can concentrate best. This will help you grasp more in less time.

So put these tips to practice and improve your organic chemistry for IIT JEE. All the Best!

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