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JEE Study Plan

A common question that most JEE aspirants have is as to how many hours a day they should study in order to succeed in this exam. Many people suggest you to make JEE study plan and study for 6-7 hours each day. While others will advise you to study the entire day taking short breaks in between. If you are really serious about getting admission in one of the top engineering colleges of the country.

While many students follow such suggestions and also make JEE study plan and spend long hours studying but are still not able to get through this tough exam while others spend just about a few hours and manage to crack it.

Ever wondered why? Well, this is because you need to have a good JEE study plan in order to cover the syllabus rather than going on studying for a fixed number of hours each day.

You need to follow a methodological approach in order to succeed in this exam. Preparing a strategic JEE study plan is the first step towards this. Only when you have a well prepared JEE study plan would you be able to understand as to how much time you require to cover the entire syllabus.

This will also help you understand as how much time you will be left with for revision. And how much time you should devote for giving mock tests. Merely studying by hours will deprive you of all this. Without a JEE study plan you would just not know as to where you are heading towards.

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind in order to prepare an effective JEE study plan:

  • Devote equal time to all three subjects every week.
  • Your plan must have enough time for theory as well as numerical.
  • Plan to take up one lesson you find difficult with one or two that are easier to grasp every day to strike a balance.
  • Set some time aside to give mock tests
  • You must revise your lessons regularly in order to retain them. It is thus imperative to set some time for JEE revision every week.
  • Squeeze in some time to exercise and rejuvenate yourself each day.
  • Your JEE study plan should be such that you take at least 6-8 hours of sleep each day.

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