Physics Study Material for JEE Main & Advanced 2020

Physics Study Material.

Physics, considered to be the most important subjects among the natural sciences, explains the behaviour of the building blocks of everything from the light, matter to the vast Universe. It describes the working of nature in different ways by employing the language of mathematics. It is one of the subjects that form a part of the IIT JEE syllabus (the other two being maths and chemistry). JEE aspirants study it to be the most interesting subject however the physics section in the IIT JEE paper is also considered to be the toughest. The Physics JEE Course is practical and also scoring if you are thorough with the concepts. Here available the iit jee physics study material free download pdf

What are the best Physics Study Material for IIT JEE 2020?

As is the case with the other two subjects in JEE, some of the topics in physics are also more scoring compared to the others. Here is a look at these topics:

General Physics Modern Physics Electric Current
Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Mechanics
Ray Optics Electrostatics Waves Optics

As important as it is to know the topics that carry more weightage, the ones that are scoring and those to be focused upon, it is similarly important to place your hands on the right physics study material to understand and Clear the concepts and prepare thoroughly for the JEE Examination. However, with the huge number of study material and IIT JEE Books available in the market students often get perplexed on which one to choose. But Don’t worry, here Kota’s best faculties provide the Guide about your preparation and Study material which help to crack your dream exam. Here is all that you should refer to for your IIT JEE physics preparation:

NCERT Books: Most of the physics topics that are a part of the JEE syllabus are already covered in classes XI and XII. Hence, the NCERT books prescribed for these classes must be on your tips. In fact, the first step towards your IIT JEE Exam Preparation should be to hold of your NCERT class XI and XII physics books and read through. These are a great way to clear your basics.

Online Study Material: Etoosindia offers an all-inclusive physics study material that explains all the concepts in detail and prepares you for the upcoming competition. One of the main reasons to Choose this study material is that it has been prepared by Kota’s best faculty members who are mostly IIT Alumni. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge about their respective subjects, they have a fair understanding of the way the questions are put across in the exam. The study material has designed bearing in mind the examination point of view.

Etoosindia study material.

Guide Books: Once you are through with the NCERT books and have gone through the Etoosindia physics study material, you may consider referring certain guidebooks to further enhance your knowledge. The best in the industry are HC Verma Vol 1 & 2, Problems in General Physics by Irodov, New Pattern IIT JEE Physics by D. C. Pandey and Resnick, Halliday & Walker Physics.

Apart from this, you must also give mock tests and solve previous years’ question papers to test your knowledge, enhance your speed and improve while there is still time.

Physics Best Study material  for JEE Main & Advanced

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