Piyush Maheshwari

Piyush MaheshwariPiyush Maheshwari is one of the best faculties employed with Etoosindia. He specialises in the field of Inorganic Chemistry. He has in-depth knowledge about the subject and is well-versed with the teaching techniques. Mr. Maheshwari is continually dedicated towards training his students and bringing out the best in them to ensure they perform well in the Joint Entrance Exam Main and Advanced.

Etoosindia is not the only top JEE coaching institute that Mr. Maheshwari is associated with. He has worked with various other reputed JEE coaching institutes in the past. Some of these include Bansal Classes, Kota, ALLEN and Vibrant Academy, Kota.

A B. Tech by qualification, Mr. Maheshwari has been in the teaching field for more than 9 years. He has trained numerous IIT aspirants and continues to do so. Many of his students have secured excellent marks in physics and secured good ranks in JEE Main and Advanced. His simple yet innovative ways of teaching are loved by the students. He explains all the concepts in an interesting way that is easy to grasp. He keeps looking for newer ways to hone his teaching skills to benefit the students.

Mr. Maheshwari is glad to be a part of Etoosindia as it gives him a platform to coach IIT aspirants living in every nook and corner of the country. He provides chemistry coaching for classes XI, XII and XIII.

As per him, “Many students think that Chemistry is difficult to learn but as per my experience most of the students don’t know how to learn chemistry. I teach Chemistry by clearing concepts as well as by way of Mnemonics (tricks). I relate Chemistry with our daily life experiences so that the subject becomes interesting, learn-able and easy so that the students can obtain maximum marks in it. I am here to make sure my students do their best and enjoy learning”.

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