IIT JEE study plan

Just enrolling in an IIT JEE coaching institute and spending long hours mugging up all that is done in the class is not enough to crack JEE Main. You need to make IIT JEE study plan strategically to come out with flying colors.

Tips To Prepare Effective IIT JEE Study Plan

The tips shared here will help you prepare a IIT JEE study plan to click the right note.

Understand the Examination Pattern

Even if you have studied all along and are thorough with all the concepts you may go blank looking at the question paper if you don’t have an idea about the examination pattern beforehand. You must understand the examination pattern before you begin your preparation. In case you haven’t checked the pattern yet, here is a look at it:

JEE Main has two papers to choose from. If you are seeking admission in B.E./B.Tech then you need to sit for Paper 1 and if you are looking forward to pursuing B.Arch and B.Planning then you need to appear for Paper 2.

Paper 1 is conducted both online and offline while Paper 2 is conducted only offline. Both the papers contain multiple choice questions. Each question consists of 4 marks and there is 1 negative mark for each wrongly answered question. Paper 1 has questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Maths with equal weightage for each subject. Paper 2 is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 includes questions from mathematics, Part 2 is an aptitude test and part 3 is a drawing test.

Know Where to Focus on

You must know the syllabus and while there is nothing that you should leave out while preparing for this crucial examination, there are certain areas that require more focus.

For instance, in Mathematics you must especially be thorough with Algebra and Calculus – all the topics under these must be on your tips. Besides, you must be extremely good with Probability, Trigonometry, and Geometry formulas.

In Physics, the numerical portion is of utmost importance. Practice the numerical over and over again so that you solve them quickly during the examination.

In chemistry, you should revise and re-revise the concepts of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. However, this is not to say that the rest of the syllabus is less important. You need to be thorough with everything.

And your IIT JEE study plan will help you in managing your time for these 3 subjects.

Learn Where to Study from

Now that you know how and what to study let us learn where you should study. NCERT Textbooks are no wonder the most reliable source. Mug up these books thoroughly for all three subjects. Besides, you need to check the previous years’ question papers as well as sample papers.

Solve as many of these papers as you can. This will not only give you an idea about the questions asked in the exam but will also help you understand how to divide your time to solve the paper in time.

In addition to this, many students these days are opting for online coaching instead of enrolling in regular coaching institutes which is a better option as you get trained by experts sitting in the comfortable confines of your home.

You do not require wasting time commuting to your coaching center every day. Etoosindia is one such site that provides good online coaching for JEE. It has tie-ups with experienced faculties from Kota to offer you expert guidance.

Lastly, stay determined and believe in yourself! Good Luck!

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