How to start JEE Main Advanced 2022-23 Exam Preparation?

Prepare for JEE Main Advanced 2022-23

Dreaming about engineering? Well yes, then you need to start preparing for the JEE Main Advanced 2022-23 today itself. To achieve your goal and get admitted to the top engineering colleges of India you surely need to work on some points that will assist you in meeting your aspirations. So here we have some tips for you that can help you to get a fruitful result:

Time Management for JEE Main Advanced Exam

You have certainly got a very big dream so make sure that you learn the desired art of time management. You have to frame your schedule in a way that none of your second gets wasted in unnecessary stuff. Firstly you need to prioritize things, for preparation of JEE Main Advanced Exam giving time to your studies should be your topmost priority. Focus on finishing up with the chapters of high weightage. Don’t put your time in unnecessary things such as social media, outings, movies, etc.

Get familiar with Exam Pattern and Syllabus

You have got three subjects; Physics, chemistry and maths, and you need to be a master in all if you want to see yourself with a high rank. The marks and the questions allotted to all these subjects are the same. But before starting up with any topic you need to know iit jee weightage, hence pay more of your focus on the topics having higher weightage. One thing should be kept in mind very clearly; it’s mandatory for you to clear the JEE main paper after that only you will be permitted to sit for the JEE advance paper. here you can Check the nta jee main & advanced Exam pattern

Make a plan and learn to follow it

You should draft a to-do list; it is the best way to plan your things. You need to include all the activities in your to-do list that you are going to perform in a day. Making a to-do list isn’t a difficult task for people but following it becomes a challenge. Make sure that you are determined enough that nothing has the audacity to distract you. In case you feel something is distracting you then you can clear that obstacle with the help of meditation. Decide your weekly target and make sure you are able to cover the weekly syllabus as planned.

Choose your mode of learning

It’s totally up to you which mode of learning you find more suitable. Both online and offline mode of learning has their own perks. Though self-studies aren’t sufficient to crack IIT, few have proven this concept wrong. Well if you choose online coaching you get the advantage of studying anytime and anywhere you want. You won’t have to incur any extra expenditure on traveling. It is fun to watch the video lectures sitting at your place, and the various online tools are of great assistance.

Take timed practice mock tests

Mock tests are of great help. Try to practice as many mock tests as possible; this will help you in knowing about your strong and weak points. Practicing the mock test is the best way of revision. Another big advantage is that you get an idea about your speed, in case you are slow you can practice more and more until you overcome your flaw. Also after practicing the mock test you have a clear idea regarding how much time you have to allot to each section. Now join Etoosindia Online Mock test Series.

Previous year question papers are beneficial

To be on the better side you are suggested to solve as many jee previous year question papers as you can. This is very much helpful in knowing about the mindset of the examiner. By solving the question papers you have the knowledge about how the questions are framed. Also, at times the questions from the previous year papers are repeated, so no wonder if you are solving previous year question papers then you are on the upper edge. also, solve sample question paper which helps you to boost speed and accuracy. Download the sample paper and practices them for better exam preparation.

Important Books for JEE Main Advanced

Don’t confuse yourself too much searching for different books. Your prime focus should be on the NCERT. Get all the formulas and explanations of the NCERT loaded in your brain. Once you are done with NCERT you can choose to get assistance from ETOOSINDIA books and study material. They are simply great.

Have a follow-up of these points and ensure a good rank.

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