Remembering Formulas for CBSE, NEET and JEE

Remembering Formulas for CBSEWhether you are preparing for your CBSE board exams or for competitive examinations such as NEET or JEE, one thing that is common is that you require remembering formulas for CBSE, NEET & JEE.  A host of formulas need to be learned to prepare well for maths, physics as well as chemistry and this often leads to confusion. If you are finding it hard to remember the formulas then the following tips and tricks should come handy :

Remembering Formulas for CBSE:

  1. Write them Down

It is easier to learn the formulas if you write them down repeatedly rather than just reading them over and over again. Read them aloud and write them down on a piece of paper each time to retain them well.

  1. Always at Glance

While it is recommended to write the formulas down each time you sit to learn them, it is a good idea to prepare a sheet of formulas and paste it on your desk or wall so that you can give a glance to them several times a day. Focus on the ones you are confused about. Viewing them repeatedly each day will help you memorize them easily.

  1. Understand the Concept

Each formula has certain logic behind it. So instead of mugging them up blindly, it is essential to understand the logic so that you know well as to why and where these are to be used and how they will solve the problems. This will help you solve your problems more quickly and easily in the exam.

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  1. Identify the Problem Areas

Students are often stuck at a particular point learning different formulas. They may also be good with some formulas and find it hard to learn the others. Find out as to where you get stuck and also the formulas you are weak in. It is only when you know your problem areas well would you be able to work on them.

  1. Identify the Best Time to Study

It is best to identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best and dedicate it to learn the formulas. This will help you remember them quickly and retain them for long.

  1. Go Slow

You cannot learn all the formulas in a day. Pick a few at a time and learn them thoroughly before you move to the next lot. Keep revising them regularly so as to memories them well.

Remembering formulas for CBSE, NEET & JEE. may seem difficult however it is not as tough as it seems. Just follow the above mentioned tricks and see how it eases your task.

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