Remembering Formulas: Tips and Tricks

While learning formulas can be quite a task for most students, some find it quite easy to grasp these small pieces of information. If you are one of those who find it hard to remember formula then here are a few tips and tricks that should come handy:

Understand the formula :-
Many students make the mistake of jotting down all the formulas at a place and mugging them up one after the other. This only creates confusion. It is suggested to understand each formula properly in order to learn it thoroughly.

Use Different Modes :-
Make use of different modes to learn the formula well. Write them down over and over again after understanding them, read them out aloud, record the formula and hear them repeatedly or use any other technique that helps you memorise them well.

Practice :-
Don’t just learn formula after formula. Try to solve different questions based on them. This will help you learn as to which formula is to be applied where and thus help you learn them better. The more you practice, the more well-versed you will be with the formula.

List Symbols :-
Many formulas include Greek letters and other symbols. Many of the symbols might seem similar in the beginning and this may lead to confusion. The best way to curb this confusion is to create a list of all the new letters and symbols you come across. This will help you get familiar with these symbols and use them appropriately.

Concentrate :-
Take one formula at a time and study it with complete concentration before moving on to the next. Remove all the distractions as you sit to study the formula so as to learn them quickly and thoroughly.

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