Sanjay Singhal: The Wizard Mathematician

Sanjay SinghalEtoosindia has hand-picked all its faculty members. The faculty members employed here are well learned and experts in their field and Mr. Sanjay Singhal is no exception. A wizard mathematician, Mr. Singhal carries an experience of as many as 15 years in the teaching field. He specialises in teaching mathematics for JEE Mains and Advanced. A B.E. (Electrical) from M.B.M, Jodhpur, Mr. Singhal has always been excellent with maths. He has a knack in solving mathematical equations and also possessing great teaching skills.

Etoosindia is not the only big name Mr. Singhal has been associated with. He has also taught at some of the most reputed JEE coaching institutes in Kota such as Vibrant Academy and Bansal Classes. He has helped numerous students nurture their dream of entering top engineering colleges in the country. One of the reasons for Mr. Singhal’s success in this field is that he is not rigid in his ways. He knows the importance of keeping pace with the changing times. He has very well adapted to the changes in the teaching industry in the last 15 years. The mathematics champion keeps looking for newer and more innovative ways of imparting education. His style of teaching is ever evolving and this is what the students like the most about him. He is known to be a favourite among the students.

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms, it’s about UNDERSTANDING” is what Mr. Singhal believes. His message to the students is, “I believe that maths is the most important subject which is extremely useful in daily life. It teaches you the approach to solve problems by applying knowledge and constantly finding new ways to sharpen problem solving ability and gain efficiency. Mathematics requires continuous practice and hard work and it prepares you to win various situations/ exams in life. Being efficient in mathematics is important to secure a seat in IIT”.

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