How to Score 90 above marks in Class 12th Board Exam

How to Score 90 above in Class 12th Board Exam

Class 12th is one of the most crucial phases in a student’s life. Your career largely depends on the marks you score in 12th standard. It is thus important for you to plan properly, seek proper guidance and stay determined in order to crack your board examination with good marks. Here is how to score 90 above in class 12th science? to give shape to your career.

How to score 90 above in class 12th Board Exam

Want to Score high in Board Exam but Don’t know how to score above 90 in cbse 12, don’t worry read the amazing exam preparation guide which help you in your board exam preparation. All exam tips provide by the kota’s best faculties.

Plan your Schedule

It is important to prepare a workable schedule and stick to it. Split the topics based on their level of difficulty. It is a good idea to cover one difficult topic coupled with one or two topics you find easy in a day in order to strike a balance. Set some time aside to unwind in between. Sitting for long hours can lower the concentration level.

Daily Timetable
Clear the Concepts 

Mugging up the answers without clearing the concepts does not help. It is important for you to get the concepts right. If the concepts are clear you would be able to answer even a twisted or tricky question with ease.
Enroll at a good coaching center to take coaching for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Accountancy. For PCM you can get best online coaching for iit jee. They have tie up with some of the best faculties in the industry so you will get expert guidance sitting at home.

Best Study Material 

Before Starting the Preparation candidates carry the right Study material and Books, which cover the Complete Syllabus of CBSE Class 12th board Exam. Start your Exam Preparation with best study material for class12th board exam.

Test Your Knowledge 

Just learning the topics day in and day out would not help you judge how much you have grasped and where you stand. It is essential for you to test your knowledge at every step and this can be done by solving sample Question paper and taking up online mock tests. Etoosindia provides online mock tests in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. You can opt for these and check how much you have learned.

Learn the Examination Pattern 

It is also important to know the examination pattern beforehand so that you have an idea on how to manage time as you sit for your board exam. Have a look at the class 12 previous year paper book.

Revision Well 

It is important to revise the topics from time to time. Prepare small notes or highlight the important parts for revision. You can also prepare charts of the math formula and stick them on your desk to revise them regularly.

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A Night before the Exam 

Review all the topics a night before the exam with focus on the topics you feel are important and also those you are weak in. Do not study till late at night. Sleep well to let your mind and body relax before the exam.

Just Before the Exam

Get up early in the morning for a quick revision of all the topics and close your books thereafter. Do not keep reading even as you stand outside the examination hall just before sitting for the exam. It will not help! That is the time you should let your mind relax.

During the Exam

Read the instructions carefully and begin with the questions that carry more marks and move on to those that have less weight age. If you are not sure about the answer to any question it is better to leave it for the end. Lastly, read all your answers once you are done with the paper.

Hope the above information helps you in cracking CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022. All the best!

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