How To Score Good Marks In Boards? Tips To Follow

score good marks in boards

The first major academic challenge that the students face is the board exams. As the students move further into higher classes they are set in with the fear of the board exams which make these exams even more grueling. To score good marks in boards might seem a course too demanding but have you ever wondered that the fear of boards might just be your mindset? 

It is important to put your best foot forward for that along with hard work you need to work on adopting smart strategies that will make the preparation of boards easy just like any other exam. 

Tips to Score good marks in boards

With the board exams creeping closer you need to stay in touch with strategies that will help you build solid preparation to excel in these exams.

So, let’s hop to some of the best strategies that will mold your board’s preparation in the right shape.

1. Adhere to a study plan

Are you being a bibliophile? Then this pointer will save you from being one. Bending on the books the whole day might not give you any productive results if you are not sticking to a proper study plan. Before beginning your preparation it is a key aspect that you are sticking to a study plan that will guide you through your entire preparation. Time table is important to study more efficiently as it will help you cover more in less amount of time.

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2. Divide the syllabus

To get a better and deeper understanding of each chapter it is important that you divide the syllabus into segments. Understanding the chapters in small segments will help you get a good grip on the same. This technique works well in reducing the pressure during revision. 

3. Mark the important areas

One of the best strategies you can adopt to score good marks in boards is categorizing the chapters according to their weightage. Studying the high-weightage topics first will make the preparation easy for you and bring you closer to your goals.

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4. Self-made notes are essential

Making notes as you move further in your preparation is yet another crucial factor in the boards’ exam preparation. Notes are of immense importance for the task of revision because these provide a quick glance over all the important concepts. Not just this, penning down the key points will help you grasp them better.

5. A daily revision habit

To remember what you study every day till the day of your exam, you are required to keep revising daily. Revising daily helps you build an even better understanding of the concepts and makes difficult concepts easy. Not just this, but it will help you sharpen your memory.

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6. Do not skip NCERTs

One grave mistake you might be making is not studying from the NCERT books. While preparing for the 10th and 12th boards you do not have to look for other books because the NCERT books serve the purpose of providing you with accurate material for the boards. Each topic is explained from basics to its core thus helping you get a stronghold of the concepts.

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7. Proper sleep for better focus

Your hard work is effective only if you put it with a healthy and energetic mind. Studying with a tired brain will do no good. Sleep is an essential fuel that your brain demands to function properly. Make sure that you take up to 6-7 hours of sleep. Your brain catches better when it is energized hence it is important to take proper sleep. 

Scoring good marks in the boards will now be easy only if you follow the above-given smart tips.

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